My friends laughed when I told them about Smartphone Graphics but when I started to design…


My name is Okoye .C. Divine, Founder and CEO of Divplanet Technologies. I am a digital Entrepreneur who started making hundreds of Thousands in my Senior Secondary School.


Now i own a large company with lots of Investments here and there.


Let me start this letter by asking you a question…


Would you like to be a top designer with lots of clients begging you to take their money for your amazing job? …


if your answer to that question is yes .. then read this message till the end.


Let’s see what Amara has to say about our previous class. .




What is John saying about his private tutorial (Note: John paid 20k for this same training)





How about Amaka?





Enough with the screenshots ..


A wise man once said …


“the best way to know how amazing a program is, is to get a ticket and attend the program” ..


to know how sweet honey is.. you need to lick it first right??


Today, I want to show you how you can make 50k – 95k per month (or more) from the $1.5 billion Graphic Industry…


…by learning how to create quality designs using what you have (your smartphone. “the one you are using to read this now”)


and super effective ways to land Graphic design jobs using the “ISB SOLUTION”


Stay with me:

I am Organizing this training called the 15 Days Graphic Powerhouse


… and I am organizing this training with you in mind.


the 15 Days Graphics Powerhouse will guarantee you learn:


how to create Top notch designs that will leave your clients mouth wide open


Get to know 3 powerful ways to quickly create a professional design in 5minutes (from scratch to finish)


You don’t need data to design with your smartphone, Our offline app will get the job done 10x more beautiful than the online competitors


No clients, No problem. we will reveal to you the effective and easiest ways to land Graphic design jobs within and outside Nigeria.


how to keep existing clients drawn to you for life and make them always hungry for your designs.


the lies y’ve been told about Smartphone Graphics and how to start your own journey as a successful entrepreneur.


land the job like you are the only designer in the world, get clients glued to you forever.



where to find and edit graphic design materials


free 1000+ font packs to make your designs stand out


seal new deals and make clients keep patronizing you.


and lots more. .


in this Class, you get to Enjoy ..


free lifetime consultation – Connect with me anytime, any day you have an issue.


free gift worth over 50k to boost your graphic design career.


free 1000+ font pack to make your designs stand out ..


free Community membership .. and lots more.


100% Money back guarantee


if after the 15 Days Graphic Powerhouse, you feel that the lesson didn’t help you improve in your Graphic Design skills or land jobs like crazy,


you can ask for your money back and it will be refunded in full, no strings attached.


This course is only available to the first 50 students who are serious with making an extra 45k to 90k (or more) per month with just their smartphone .


pay via transfer




card ..



There you have it … you have the opportunity to learn a very High income digital skill and land jobs like you life depends on it in 15 Days.


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also note that this course is only for the available first 50 students, 27 slots remaining