About the developer


Divplanet was Founded by Okoye C Divine.. Who is a tech savvy and a Computer Scientist. He is an ex freelancer who provided Administrative services to a few hundreds of happy Clients throughout his long freelancing career.
At this present date – he is operating several niche blogs, YouTube channel and working on his book store .. He is also working on some programs to better expose his computer science career ..


In the beginning of his journey ..  Okoye C Divine faced lots of trouble with finding the right information and guidance towards getting started . and knows the feeling of beginners when there is no one to help.. That is why he has provided a suitable elearning environment for those out there who thinks they are all alone. He also has a support team where you are given maximum attention to any questions bothering you. . like our slogan will always be “your satisfaction, our priority” he is geared at providing the necessary support to make sure you are satisfied with our services ..
We will update more about the developer sooner … .. This is all we can give for now.
Thank you for visiting our website !!!