10 best online business you should engage in

10 best online business you should engage in


Are you looking for the best online business to engage in Nigeria and start making cool cash, here is a list of 10 best online business you should engage in.

Over the years, the use of internet in Nigeria has increased drastically as NCC reports that 85% of Nigerian population use internet on their mobile device.

In this age and at this present time, the internet is acting as a gold mine to Nigerian youths because anyone with a good android device and access to the internet can start making money online with little or no money (financial investment).

Let’s quickly look at the 10 best online business you should engage in

 10 best online business you should engage in

1. Set up an online store (E-commerce)

Selling things online and making money from it is surely a good idea to making money online. All you need is an Ecommerce website. Once your website is up and running, you can list your products on the site and start selling fast.

Though creating and managing an ecommerce website can be hard at times due to low sales rate. This is because you are still new and not a good number of people knows your site. You can start by advertising and also work on trust as it is a good starting point to a successful online business.

without doubt, ecommerce is one of the best online business and If you can’t start up an ecommerce website, you can sell your products on Jumia, Jiji and Konga

2. Blogging

I have seen a lot of people failing in this aspect. While it is one of the easiest means of making money online, it still stands as major challenge to most people. Blogging is a thing of patience. If you can’t have patience, I advise you to re-channel your mind to the other ways listed below. (I don’t know if that sounds discouraging but that’s the bitter truth about blogging) you will need a lot of hard work and patience, trust me, the end result is worth it.

Legit online business in Nigeria

When starting a blog. Blog on a niche you know much about. Once you start getting enough traffic. AdSense is there for you. You can also make money from your blog in other ways. This is a very lucrative online business in Nigeria

3. Teach Online

If you are good in any particular thing, let’s say graphics design, you can teach people and make them pay for your services. This is a very good online business and a lot of people have made money from it. You can create a 5-10 minutes videos on topics you know much about. You can upload the videos on online learning platforms like Udemy, teachable etc. You get paid for each student that enrolls to your course. This is also one of the best online business in Nigeria and many are making money from it

4. Affiliate Marketing

Online business in Nigeria

While this is still a hot business niche for most Nigerians, its not as easy as it sounds. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you having or stocking up goods. All you need to do is to help people sell their goods and you get a commission for it. Affiliate marketing requires absolutely zero capital investment and you don’t have to produce anything.

5. Manage Social Media Profiles

Do you know that there are a lot of big businesses out there who needs individuals like you to manage their profile and social media accounts?

You can earn anything from $50 to $5000 for managing just a single account.

All you have to do is to make sure you acquire the necessary digital marketing skills. This will help you succeed..

6. Forex & Crypto Trading

Forex trading is without doubt one of the hottest online business of the year. If you have a good understanding of the exchange market, you can start trading immediately. Its not advisable for everyone because of its high risk rate.

10 best online business you should engage in

7. Copy writing

Online business in Nigeria that pays daily

Copywriters make cool cash online. Copy writing is noting else than writing a content that will turn readers to potential customers. If you can write good copy that someone would read and become interested in what you write. Companies will look for you because its also a form of marketing.

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8. Paid Content Writing

Online business ideas

This goes in hand with blogging. If you are good at writing, you can earn money writing SEO rich contents for businesses and blogs.

9. WhatsApp Tv

While having a WhatsApp TV was in our number one list on  legit ways to make money in nigeria. It still remains one of the fastest ways to make money online. Here all you have to do is to gather a lot of contacts and post relevant things on your WhatsApp status. Businesses will start pay in you for sponsored posts.

10. Graphics Design

This is the last but not the least in the list. You can create flyers, banner, logos etc for businesses and they pay you for it. Getting customers here is not difficult as almost every business needs a good graphics to survive.

To be able to scale in graphics design, you need to have a core knowledge in Photoshop, Corel draw and other graphics design tools, although the two mentioned above are the most commonly used. If you don’t know anything about them, YouTube is there to teach you. There are many resources online to guild you. Self learning can take a long time. If you have the money, you can pay for someone to teach you.

Having exhausted out list of best online business in Nigeria, hope you find the perfect online business in Nigeria for yourself .. Have a nice day.


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