10 Consequences of Cultism

10 Consequences of Cultism

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Cultism has grown to be one of the impediments bedeviling the growth of any society or country, today we will be learning some of the consequences of cultism.

One out of the many social ills combating the contemporary society is the problem of cultism. Just like a cancerous cell, it has spread across every nooks and crannies of the society particularly among young people and vibrant youths.

Well, a typical average Nigerian youth battles three common social vices which includes the use of drug abuse, cyber crime popularly known as “yahoo” and cultism.

Seen from the street to secondary schools and even at higher institutions, cultism is one moral threat awaiting the youths, well this has to be dealt with.

If your child, brother, relation or ward escapes any of the above, I bet you he will surely make a fine priest.

Cultism just as the name implies, literally means the system or the practice of cult. A cult is known as a group of brotherhood whose activities are shrouded in deep secrecy can be traced in Nigeria as far back as the early 1957 and since then has proliferated into various smaller units at different levels of life.

These include but not limited to;  Black Axe, Vickings, Buccaneers, Black beret, Supreme Eiye, Black bra and so many others. The spread of these cults over time has known no limit at all.

With immoral activities such as drug abuse, killing, sexual assaults, gambling, vandalization, intimidation, bullying, and other forms of evil activities carried out by these cults, it’s consequences to the society and world at large is alarming. However, greater effect is seen on the individuals who are involved in these acts.

10 Consequences of Cultism

10 Consequences of Cultism
10 Consequences of Cultism

1. Untimely Death

One of the pathetic and annoying effects of cultism is the loss of lives prematurely. The government through its law enforcement agencies on a constant effort, fights crime such as armed robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, murder  etc effectively. carried out by the cult members.

The outcome of such operations often and frequently results in exchange of fire, arrest, detention, imprisonment and death.

A lot of young people who indulge in these heinous acts have lost their lives either in the course of a shootout confrontation or through heavy inter-cult clashes.

However In most cases, the death rate is higher on account of cult rivalry/clash. In universities, the cult students are usually attacked during their degree examination in the final year.

This does not just create a loss of potential human resources to the society but also a loss of great economic resources spent by the families in funding their children to higher education.

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2. Loss of Moral Values

Cultism leads to great loss of values in young people. This is because the belief system and ideologies of most of these cult groups are heavily against the objective morality of life.

The practice of vengeance and violence which they push and promote by their actions negates objective moral values of life. Individuals who had values from home upbringing tend to do away with them through the negative influence of the system of cultism.

However, Such negative and inhumane values have no regard for the sanctity of human life, orderliness or peace.

Almost all crimes common among youths are directly or indirectly influenced by cultism.

This is very easy to understand because of the constant abuse of drug among the members of the cult group who are called cultists.

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Under the influence of hard drugs and alcohol, young people loss their morality and conscience, thereby committing serious crimes such as sexual assault, burglary, armed robbery, killings etc. without any sense of regret what so ever.

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3. School Dropout

Most cultists end up dropping out from school or their academic programme.

However, Today, school authorities in a bid to curb  and completely eliminate the rate of cultism and its activities, have  in every way adopted strict penalties for it which include expulsion of students involved irrespective of the academic level they are.

This law has however been effective because it has terminated the education of some students involved in cultism. Also with the aid of Anti-cult Security outfit in the universities, the fight against cultism continues to intensify, bringing culprits to face the full wrath and venom of the law.

Some other students involved in cultism, fail to make an average cumulative points in their examinations because of their lack of seriousness and concentration towards their studies.

In severe cases, they are asked to quit by the school or drop out due to  great frustration. All these are because cultism is a big  and heavy distraction to academics.

4. Drug and substance Addiction

Without leaving any stone unturned, drug addiction can also be as a result of influence of cultism among our youths. Within the circle of fellow cult members, they are constantly exposed to drugs through the network of dealers on such substances who are regularly and always patronized by these cultists.

These drugs and substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tramadol, codeine etc. can be sedative to human beings and also very addictive.

The constant usage of them can expose the brain to incessant crave for it which with time becomes an addiction or habit.  Many young people associated with cultism have been exposed to these substances which they have become very engrossed into. They can go as far as stealing or pick pocketing to get money in order to buy these addictive substances.

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5. Behavioural  and Mental Disorder

Cultism can heavily  affect behavioural pattern of young people. Just like every other social group, cult wills a great amount of influence in the lives of its members.

Through their interaction, members of cult usually have a similar strange and bad character different from others. A close observation on behavioral pattern in a group setting, you can easily tell.

They sometimes exhibit tendencies of violence, suspicious secrecy, dubiousness, mischief, melancholy, what have you.. These behaviours can in some cases or all cases be products of external influence of cultism.

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6. Unrealizable Life Ambitions

Also cultism can lead to termination of ambitions, potentials and goals in youths. Most young people with bright future and potentials, end up not pursuing their career or goals because of the evil  negative influence of cultism.

In some cases of untimely death of the cultists, such ambitions become permanently aborted or removed from the surface of the earth and never fulfilled. To some who indulge in drug abuse, mental illness which is a common consequence of it also makes the realization of such goals very impossible.

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7. Mental Illness

Cultism can cause serious mental disorder to youths involved in it. Drug abuse is very well associated with cultism. They use these drugs to get high morale in order to carry out their assignment.

Substances like tramadol, marijuana, codeine etc are always found among them. These substances have far reaching side effects on human beings  especially youths.

There do not just aid them in committing crime fearlessly, but also at the long run affect their mentality. On a close observation, most mad persons on the streets are young people between the ages of 20 to 35. Most of these cases of madness are associated with  strong drug abuse and cultism.

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8. Spiritual Problem

Another effect of cultism is the amount of spiritual challenge it exposes such youths to later in their lives. The process of membership to cult which involves fetish activities like use of blood, oath taking, sleeping at burial grounds, use of charms and talisman for protection, marks on members’ bodies etc. can initiate an individual into a spiritual covenant with very strong  dark forces.

Some members find it very difficult denouncing their membership due to fear or threats arising from such covenants. Some encounter serious strange experiences like voices talking to them, night mares, physical manifestations of symbols of the cult, etc.

Even when seriously desperate to quit, such individuals will require strong spiritual assistance of prayers and heavy loaded deliverance to be able to break out.

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9. Fear

Cultists usually and always live in fear. This is common especially during clash with other cult groups or when an individual has been involved in some deadly and evil operations in the past.

At the busting sound of a car’s tire, a cultist is likely to be the first to run or even take cover. This fear is as a result of bloodshed involved in most if not all of their activities. So at every point in time, every cultist is watching his back for any unforeseen attack.

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10. Possible Loss of Family Members or loved ones

Cultism can possibly lead to loss of some family members related to the cultists. In some cases where a member is however a “hitman” (One who kills) for the cult, his or her family members can be victims of a very  brutal attack.

Particularly when the wanted individual is on the run, the harmless family members who perhaps have no idea of their child’s involvement are the most vulnerable to the counterattack as warning signal or using them as bait ( luring the cultist out from his or her hiding).

The above suggests that the Consequences of Cultism on the youths are of grave implication and hence, total abstinence remains the only solution.

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