Home remedies for red spots on face

10 Home remedies for red spots on face


Red spots on face are often caused by pimples or acne. They can be itchy sometimes and tends to multiply when scratch them, below are Home remedies for red spots on face.

In an attempt to get rid of pimples without spending a lot of money, people use home remedies for acne. And here, the fantasy works very well. People have however, decided to use potato peelings, toothpaste, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil for acne and even basil juice – all of these are very common home remedies.

 Home remedies for red spots on face, Eczema, Pimple and acne.

 Home remedies for red spots on face

  1. Calendula – works well with the acne virus, dries the skin and fights excess oil.
  2. Lemon juice – brightens the skin, leaves radiant facial skin. Kills bacteria. Helps get rid of stains left on wounds. do not use raw lemon juice unless diluted otherwise it can cause itching or burning.
  3. Soda – a cheap and very accessible ingredient. Helps clear blemishes, regulates the mammary glands (overactivity of the mammary glands causes excessive oiliness). Shrinking pores.
  4. Egg protein – shrinks pores. Leaves skin soft and smooth Gives a feeling of freshness to the face.
  5. Green tea – first of all it has a wonderful aroma. After use skin becomes pleasant to the touch. Soothes redness on the face and helps reduce dark circles in the eyes.
  6. Honey – Skin after using honey becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. Honey fights pigmentation and marks left on pimples.
  7. Vinegar – home remedy/medicine for acne is very common and cleanses the skin well. Makes micro filling (gently removes dead cells). Helps with wrinkles left over from pimples. Use with extreme caution, it can cause burns.
  8. Yeast – You can make a good mask out of them and also good for drying pimples.
  9. Acne tea tree oil – very good anti-bacteria. soothes redness and dries wounds.
  10. Aloe vera – a good skin care solution that leaves you with a smooth and fresh face in just few days after application.

before treating, one needs to find out what caused the pimples.

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A brief reminder of what acne is – Acne is the Inflammation of the mammary glands due to their hyper function, overproduction of milk (fat), which causes blockages and inflammation. In most cases an intervention of a pathogenic bacterium p. acne.Acne manifests itself in inflammatory bumps (eczema) in red, usually painful and also in comedones (blackheads).

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Acne sores usually settle on the face, neck, chest, back and even the buttocks. It is a chronic disease that can last for several years that causes suffering and mental pain to most of its patients. Most of the causes of acne are stress, hormonal changes, poor diet or even heredity.

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Why pimples appear

Acne – A blockage of the mammary glands and hair glands. It is caused by excess fat and accumulation of dead cells. These conditions are a great environment for bacteria to multiply. Acne can cause pimples.

What should you do if you have acne?

The biggest mistake of boys and girls who have acne is that they often wash their face and it is not right to do, it dries the face and causes the skin to produce more fat.

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A professional beautician will make a correct diagnosis and build a treatment plan and also recommend the right preparations for home use. But not every beautician can treat acne successfully if she does not have enough knowledge and understanding of the mechanism of action in the skin. And to a large extent not to try to treat acne alone with the help of home remedies for acne. It is never enough and in most cases dangerous, it can lead to aggravation of the condition, scars and burns.

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I wish everyone smooth and beautiful skin !!! Have a nice day.

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