10 powerful tips for a successful relationship

10 powerful tips for a successful relationship


Good day Y’all. today, we would be discussion on 10 powerful tips for a successful relationship. 

There is one thing every Nigerian couples would crave for, and that is a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships has been seen as a good factor that increase our happiness, reduce stress and improve our health.

Below are the basic ways to improve relationships. Less talk, lets get down to business.

10 powerful tips for a successful relationship.

1. Accept people as they are

If you are waiting for a handsome, rich, tall, fair, cute, responsible, God-fearing man then get ready to be disappointed. You need to accept people as they are and not try to change them. You have the right to say no if you don’t like him/her.

2. Talk regularly.

The effects of communication in a relationship cannot be over emphasized. Take your time and listen to him/her, ask questions –  ask about their interest, feeling, experience and opinion.

Also share information so your partner will get to know who you are. But don’t share too much personal information too soon.

3. Be funny/ lively

Research has shown that funny guys tends to attract a large number of girls.

While its not in everybody to be funny, you can also be lively, make sure you kill the dull moments. This will make him/her want and wish to be around you always.

10 powerful tips for a successful relationship

4. Also take care of yourself

I have seen a lot of guys buy clothes and iphones for their girlfriends while they move around street on one T-shirt and a pair of trouser everyday. While you spend on your partner, also learn to spend on your self. This will keep you attracted to your partner.

5. Be dependable.

If you schedule a plan with someone, follow through. Make sure you fulfill your promises and always keep to your words. This way, she won’t need a diviner to tell her to trust you.

6. Fight fair.

There is without doubt conflicts in every relationship. That doesn’t mean you don’t like each other, rather you disagree on one thing.

Try to cool off before talking. Don’t talk out of anger to avoid saying something you would regret later.

Share how you feel without assigning blame or motive. Eg “When you don’t call me, I start to feel like you don’t care about me” vs. “You never call me when you’re away. I guess I’m the only one who cares about this relationship.”

The first will buy sympathy while the other will provoke. Learn not to use provocative words.

Avoid criticism and judgment. Face the problem and not attack the person.

Take responsibilities for each mistake. Apologize where necessary.

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7. Be romantic

Am not saying you should go and become romeo overnight. Am only saying that you need to do things that makes him/her feel special and loved. That way, you are being romantic.

8. Keep your life balanced

Your life can be satisfying when you are around people but they can’t meet your need. Find what you like doing and get involved.

9. It’s a gradual process

Having a good relationship is a gradual process. Its not what you jump into and expect heaven and earth. Take your time to build your relationship.

10. Be yourself

There is no need pretending to be who you are not in a relationship. Being yourself is much easier and fun. Healthy relationships are made of real people.

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