Get rid of cockroach fast in Nigeria

11 killer ways to get rid of cockroaches without hurting you


If you suffer from cockroaches in your home or apartment then you will know how horrible it can be, here are 11 killer ways to get rid of cockroaches without hurting you.

There are many different types of cockroaches and they thrive in a hot and humid atmosphere and usually live in areas where there are food sources so they are usually found in and around the kitchen.

However, they are not just limited to the kitchen. They like dark and warm spaces, usually in closets, under uninterrupted furniture, water heaters and drains. As for them they move fast and you will find them crawling everywhere and it is difficult to know where and when to target them.

11 killer ways to get rid of cockroaches without hurting you

If you have a cockroach problem, try the following tips to eradicate them from your home.

Use Deterrents To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

If you want to deter cockroaches from your home instead of killing them, then there are a number of things they do not like and stay away from them. Try these different methods to preserve cockroaches.

1. Keep a house clean

Cockroaches love dirt and food. Maintaining a spotlessly clean home will be a basic but essential way to stop the invasion of your space as they will most likely go and find better feeding ground. It is necessary to clean immediately after meals to stop pulling the cockroaches into the kitchen and crawling on all the dirty plates and leftover food. Be sure to take out the garbage on a regular basis so as not to lure them. A good and thorough cleaning routine will keep those cockroaches away.

2. Bay leaves

11 killer ways to get rid of cockroaches without hurting you

Cockroaches have been found to hate the smell of bay leaves. Crush a bunch of fresh or dried bay leaves and sprinkle around the house. It is best to put them near where they are nesting if you know the location. This will make them leave and find a place with a better smell.

3. Ammonia

Another way to get rid of cockroaches is to use ammonia – also not the best odor substance for us so it may be necessary to have a last resort. Cleaning surfaces with ammonia, however, will deter the cockroaches on one and several times mixing 2 cups of ammonia with a bucket of water and using it as a cleaning solution will help deter the cockroaches.

Use Traps To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Home traps are a great way to pull the cockroaches to the source and capture them. Although it will not get rid of a huge amount it will at least keep some pesky cockroaches away from food and living areas.

1. Glass jar trap

A simple glass jar can serve as an effective trap. You can put in it any number of attractive things including peanut butter, leftover food or coffee. Creating a trap out of a glass jar, water and an attractive meal or scent can get some of these cockroaches out of your way.

  • Get an empty, clean glass jar and fill it halfway with water.
  • Spread some Vaseline around the inside of the jar to make it smooth and hard for them to escape.
  • Add a few things to attract them for example. coffee beans.
  • Mix it and place in different areas of the house. Once some cockroaches got into the trap and died get rid of them and re-prepare the trap.

2. Borax and sugar trap

Get rid of cockroach fast in Nigeria

Cockroaches are attracted to the sweet things but borax will inevitably kill them so this is a perfect and inexpensive trap to build. Do not feel too intimidated if you do not find many cockroaches dead with it as every cockroach that steps on it will then return it to the nest and serve as poison to the sharm that will kill them originally. It is not recommended to use this method if you have small children or pets as borax is very toxic if ingested. Keep it out of reach or use a different type of trap.

  • Mix equal parts of borax and sugar.
  • Put it in a container or tray and place anywhere in the house where you get a large number of cockroaches. You should see dead cockroaches in a few hours.

3. Cucumber with aluminum can

Some say it is effective while others do not, but see if it works for you. The cockroaches will most likely be attracted to the cucumber but then inserting the cucumber into the aluminum can cause a chemical reaction that spreads a foul odor from which cockroaches can die. Not too sure if this is the case but worth a try!

  • Get some fresh cucumber peels and an aluminum can.
  • Rubbed Vaseline on the inside of the can to prevent the cockroaches from escaping.
  • Place the cucumber in a can and place in a convenient place.
  • Check after a few hours if caught.

4. Sticky film traps

Using pesticide adhesive tape is not a new idea but it can be really effective with cockroaches. Placing good quality adhesive tape traps around the house can stop cockroaches in their path.

  • Buy a good quality sticky tape.
  • Make sure the tape is arranged on the sides facing up and place them around cracks, openings, floors and anywhere else you know they are entering the home. It is best to do this before you go to bed as the cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and will be extremely active at night.

5. Soda bottle trap

Using an empty soda bottle trap is so easy and effective. This makes it very difficult for the cockroaches to escape once they have fallen inside.

Get an empty soda bottle and cut off the top (about a few inches from the top)

Fill the bottom with something attractive and sweet like sugar or mix coffee and sugar together.

Invert the top of the bottle and place inside the bottom to form a funnel shape.

Place the house and regenerate after a few hours to see how many cockroaches you have caught.

Homemade Sprays Get Rid Of Cockroaches

You can buy effective insecticides to get rid of the cockroaches, but preparing it yourself is an equally cheap and effective way to kill them without the harsh chemicals. When you spray a cockroach make sure you are aiming towards the head and abdomen in particular if you can flip one upside down and spray his stomach then it will be even better.

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1. Spray and water spray

Simply using soap and water can be a good way to get rid of cockroaches up front. Just add a few drops of soap to a hot water spray bottle and shake well. After spraying, the cockroach will still pass but will stop dead after about a minute.

2. Listerine and rinsing liquid

Using listerina (or other mouthwash) with a little rinsing liquid will help repel cockroaches. Mix equal parts listerina and water and add a few drops of rinsing liquid. Give it a good shake in the spray bottle and spray around the house or directly on the cockroaches. It will send them on their way and may kill them if aimed at them straight.

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3. Hair spray

While not homemade, investing in a cheap bottle of hair spray can be a great way to kill cockroaches. Spraying Hair spray will cause the wings and legs to stick together and they will slowly suffocate. If you do not like this idea, make sure you crush the cockroach as soon as it can not move to eliminate any suffering.

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