12 ways to make money using your phone

12 ways to make money using your phone


When the epidemic is raging, many people have lost their jobs, and many companies have gone bankrupt, these 12 ways to make money using your phone is definitely the best choice.

We can make money by building our own website or through other websites or apps, or by finding a remote freelance job through the Flexjobs platform to make money from home. It doesn’t cost anything, just spend some time and your own ingenuity on it. You can use your expertise, or use this time to learn some skills at home to earn as much or even more than your job and discover a new path in life.


And we can also spend more time with our families, and we can take back control of our time and our lives, rather than let our lives and work tire us out.

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In fact, in this popular Internet age, making money online is never a dream. I have been making money online for a long time now. I also know thousands of people who make money online in their own way through websites, livestreaming or selling their own products etc. And a lot of people have created their own businesses out of it.


Now, with the emergence of more and more network tools (such as the emergence of various website building programs, Upwork, WeChat, Douyin, etc.). Makes money online easier and easier. However, like any business, the revenue you generate through the web will take time to grow. As long as you are willing to spend the time and energy to realize your ideas, even if the progress is slow at the beginning, you need to be patient.

This post was compiled by an anonymous Chinese Entrepreneur.

If you want to make money online but aren’t sure where to start, consider these practical ways to make money online:

12 ways to make money using your phone

12 ways to make money using your phone

1. Build a Blog/Website

There are many ways to make money through blogs/websites. You can make money through website traffic display ads. Of course, this is the most basic and low-end way to make money. The most popular right now is to make money through Affiliate Affiliate Marketing, which is a practical and effective way to make money online. You can build passive income from articles where people click on links in your articles that are useful to them and you make money by purchasing products and services. Of course, this process is not achieved overnight, it requires continuous training, busyness and hard work to make real money.

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There are many people recommending blog/website to make money such as Google Adsense (used to be very profitable, but now it is not easy to do), banner ads, Amazon Affiliate, etc. These can all make money, but in a competitive market, you can only earn a little pocket money through these old methods, and a monthly income of 100-200 US dollars will not change your life, and will not produce any real Impact.


Many bloggers and website owners have heeded these old advice. 95% of bloggers fail also because they follow these outdated advice. What if you want to start now and want to make money? What if you wanted to start earning $10,000 per month in a year instead of 3-5 years later? It doesn’t have to be this hard. As long as you find the right direction, don’t go to create content in general, just look at what keywords have a lot of traffic and do what. Look for keywords that are most likely to convert for direct sales. It is possible that the traffic is not very high, but it will make a lot of money.


For example ,  adamenfroy, an English site, launched in 2019, and its blog income has exceeded $80,000 /month in May 2020. The webmaster concluded that in the early days of launching a website, there may not be much traffic or popularity. Therefore, it is necessary to sell products with relatively high commissions in the initial stage of the establishment of the website. You can get objective income by focusing on a few affiliate marketing products with relatively high income.


Let’s look at a few more Chinese websites, you can pay attention to the personal website of the top ten evaluations, 10besty this website is a naked imitation of 10beasts , and it specializes in launching various product and service evaluations with affiliate links. The webmaster is very Be careful, the traffic and conversion of long texts are good. A conservative estimate of making a few thousand dollars a month is fine.


and. What is the domestic website worth buying https://www.smzdm.com/ this website. This website mainly promotes products from domestic alliance networks, mainly JD.com, Vipshop and other alliance products. Income is also very good.


There is also a website of North American Money Saving Express https://cn.dealmoon.cn/ , the whole site is Affiliate Link, the traffic in North America is very large, it should be a big business now, many people and websites are also imitating its The path to success. Users mainly target overseas Chinese, and 80% of the recommended products are women’s products, and the conversion effect should be very good.


Of course, the first step in starting a blog/website is to buy hosting and build a WordPress site.


The method is also very simple, the steps are as follows:


Go to Bluehost.com and click Get Started

Choose your desired hosting plan ( $2.95/month via my link is 70% off).

Enter a new domain name or choose one you already own.

Enter your account information and billing information.

Submit payment and build your WordPress website with one click!

After the purchase is completed, it is basically a one-click website building. If you want to know the detailed website building steps, please read our long article How to use Bluehost to build a WordPress website .


2. Affiliate Marketing

Whether you already have a website or are planning to build one, look into affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing , you can use the content of your website to collaborate with other brands or businesses that have affiliate marketing programs. Mentioning their product or service will link to their product or service with a unique code they give you. You can make money whenever someone buys that product or service through your link.

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My own website mainly earns revenue through affiliate marketing, which is much higher than passive advertising revenue. Many foreigners have posted their income, which is really eye-opening. For example: Adam Enfroy , Breaking The One Percent , Ryrob , Great And Go , A Sassy Spoon , their monthly income ranges from $10,000 to tens of thousands of dollars.


These people have had great success with affiliate marketing. You can learn from their success stories. Their success proves that you can monetize almost any affiliate or product as long as you understand your audience and accumulate enough traffic to convert into sales.


There are many platforms for affiliate marketing, such as Flexoffers ( I currently earn about $1,000 per month from this platform, which is highly recommended ), Amazon Associates , CJ , ShareASale , etc. In China, there are Jingdong Alliance , Taobao Alliance , etc. There are also some websites that have their own affiliate marketing programs that you can try.


Of course, the foundation of affiliate marketing is to create a website.


3. Google Adsense (Google AdSense)

You can see Google ads when visiting many websites. You can build a website yourself, and once your website starts to bring steady traffic, you can make money by placing AdSense ads with a simple setup.


Google AdSense setup is very easy. If you have a blog or website, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense account . After successful registration, Google will provide a unique code, just paste it on your website. The rest is left to Google, which can automatically display ads. It runs smoothly without maintenance.


Yang Yang , a personal webmaster from Dalian, works as a full-time AdSense content site and earns passive income by hanging AdSense ads on English content sites. After years of hard work, the monthly income from AdSense advertising exceeds 15,000 US dollars. Of course, there is more to earn, but most people will not disclose their earning methods and income.


So how much will you earn? One of my English stations in the last ten years had the best month on Google AdSense at around $2000. It was more than my salary at that time. It really excited me when I went from zero income to $2,000 a month. What was more exciting for me, though, was that I later learned more about other practical ways to make money.


However, everything has to start with building a website or blog. About how to set up a website or blog, I have created a tutorial on how to build a website and blog . I will share my experience with you. You can set up a website in just 30 minutes. Build your own website and start a business at home.


4. YouTube

YouTube is another platform where you can make money online. There are countless channels on it, covering a wide range of topics, and if your video views are big enough, you can apply for Google Ads to make money.

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In 2019, Forbes featured some of the most profitable channels on YouTube . According to the study, the top ten highest-paid YouTube stars earned $162 million from June 2018 to June 2019. The top earner is a child Ryan Kaji ‘s personal channel, which makes $26 million a year.


In the Chinese-speaking world, there are also many Youtube channels that make money, such as Office Ono , who shoots various creative office cooking, and it is said that the monthly income is 4.5 million yuan; Li Ziqi , who shoots Chinese rural life and food, has a monthly income of 3.7 million yuan ; Brother , taking pictures of Yunnan local delicacies, the monthly income is 2.5 million. Even though these income figures may be exaggerated, their incomes are absolutely substantial .


Will you make that much? Probably not. However, if you enjoy making videos, have a little expertise or hobbies, and are willing to keep investing, you can make money with YouTube.

5. Sell products online

If you have items of the right quality and price, and are ready to get into e-commerce, sell your stuff online. Then you can create your own shopping website. Find a suitable website builder (like WordPress ) + a reliable hosting provider like Bluehost . You also need a merchant account like PayPal or WeChat, Alipay, etc. to complete the payment process.


One of the more popular programs that can build a store is Shopify . If you are interested in e-commerce and know a little English, then this is a good choice. It provides a one-stop website building service, and you can create your own e-commerce website in a few minutes. Or you can build a website with WordPress, there are many beautiful themes, and then use the WooCommerce shopping plugin to quickly get your own shopping site up and running.

The above picture is an example of a shopping website. This is a website template from WPzoom . Click Balance to purchase the template. The WooCommerce shopping cart system has been preset. After the installation is complete, you can add content to achieve online sales.


If you feel that building a website is troublesome, then you can directly register as a seller on a shopping website. For example, Amazon can sell products all over the world, or register as a Taobao merchant, but the competition in domestic stores is fierce, and the products with good price and quality can only stand. Stand firm.


6. Freelance (part-time online)

If you enjoy writing, do graphic design, are good at Excel spreadsheets, or can translate or even type, you can find part-time jobs online. All it takes is a few simple skills to make money doing basic work for others that they don’t have the time to do.

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The great thing about freelancing is that you can use your time and skills from home via the internet to earn an income while working for clients around the world.


If you can speak English, you can try the freelance website Upwork.com , there are already many Chinese freelancers at home and abroad, who can do translation, software localization and many other jobs.


Another freelance site is FlexJobs , which also has a lot of work from home jobs. A wide range of work, including graphic design, logo design, web design, infographic processing, voice acting, and more. Regardless of your experience level and industry background, you can find a job that’s right for you.


Domestic ones can consider Taobao and open their own virtual store on it. You can charge the service fee according to the specific requirements of the customer such as the number of words and the difficulty of the task.

7. Sales images

If you have a hobby and talent for photography, you can make money online by taking pictures and selling them to picture storage companies like ShutterStock or iStockPhoto . You can submit your high-quality images to the site, and once someone buys it, you can earn money.


But to really succeed, build your own photography website to showcase your portfolio and have access to high-end private photography from private companies. For how to build a website, please visit my WordPress website building tutorial , WordPress has many beautiful free photography themes for your website.

8. Teach Chinese, English or other languages ​​online.

If you speak English or another language, you can teach someone else’s course online.

Teaching and tutoring in your second language is a great way to make money online. People in some countries (like Hong Kong or UAE) are willing to pay $15-25/hour to learn a new language as long as you speak two languages ​​and have the ability to teach. Check out Indeed , VipKids, OnetoOneChinese , there are some work teaching job opportunities there.


This model is relatively simple, you can create interesting content and courses to attract users, and then teach yourself or ask other teachers to teach, and users can learn languages ​​one-on-one after paying.


9. Create a DIY or cooking video

Create DIY or cooking videos to earn online income.

If you are good at making crafts or other gadgets, or if you have a little cooking skills. You can shoot videos of your own creation, upload them to Youtube and embed them on your own website. There are many running food, homemade crafts and travel blogs and they are all very successful. Such as travel blog Adventure In You , Local Adventurer , food blog Serious Eats , Pinch Of Yum , homemade craft blog Remodel Aholic , Collective Gen , etc.


You also need to understand how to master PPC advertising, which you can then use to gain followers on YouTube and monetize ads and views, or monetize people clicking on ads on your own site.


10. Live delivery with goods

Live streaming has become quite popular recently. If you have good skills, you can show your style on the live broadcast platform, and then attract fans. After you have enough fans, you can bring the goods.


Compared with other methods such as rewards, soft articles, short videos, etc., bringing goods is faster to make money, but the requirements for personal ability are also relatively high.


The most popular in the live streaming industry is Li Jiaqi. For every lipstick he sells, he can get a 30% commission ; he can sell thousands of lipsticks in an hour, with huge profits. Others such as livestreaming selling clothes, books, drinks, jewelry, and maternal and child products are also good choices.


The mainstream live streaming platforms include Douyin, Kuaishou, Taobao, WeChat, etc. The threshold for Douyin is relatively low, and everyone can do it. Taobao Live needs to be reviewed to pass.


11. Provide advice

Another way to make money online is to provide consulting. If you’re an expert in a field, you can earn income by advising individuals and businesses.


For example, if you are good at using social media tools such as Facebook or WeChat, you can guide them to earn income; if you are good at financial management, you can help others with financial advice; if you are good at law, you can provide legal advice, etc. If you are good at English, you can teach online English etc.


You can build your own website or use social media like WeChat to market yourself.


12. Build an online community

You can also make money by building an online community, for example, you can use a blog to build a community. Or set up an online forum and charge members a fee.


You can even set up a Facebook or WeChat official account, Weibo, etc. and use your influence to sell and promote products.


The premise of doing this well is to find the content blank. As long as there is good content, it can attract people to pay attention to you and gain fans. If you can find a relatively large content blank, it is not a problem to attract tens of thousands of fans.

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