13 types of slap in Nigeria - number 5 will shock you

13 types of slap in Nigeria – number 5 will shock you


Have you ever been slapped before?.. Do you know the type of slap you were given.. Here is a list showing the 13 types of slap in Nigeria – number 5 will shock you.

Being slapped in a country like Nigeria is a common thing.. And also a humiliating one.. Especially the kind of slap number 5 talked about. 😂😂

13 types of slap in Nigeria – number 5 will shock you

 1. TAKE AWAY SLAP: like the name implies, this is a type of slap you take away 😂, in this type of slap, you don’t talk or complain.. When someone gives you this slap, the only thing you can do is to hold your face and walk away.

2. RESOUNDING SLAP: in Igbo, its called “Akanti”. This is a very dangerous slap, this slap will take you away from earth for 5 minutes, after someone gives you this slap, you keep on hearing some funny sounds in your brain like”wiiiiiiiiiii”! And voices in your head will start singing Christmas Carol.

3. FORMATTING SLAP: in igbo “Ura” this type of slap is destructive, it destroys the memory 😂, after receiving this slap, you will start asking questions like “what did I do?”  “What have i done?” “Why did you slap me?” 

4. EXPLANATION SLAP: this type of slap is also called the “sabo” slap. It makes you start explaining everything, even the ones they asked you and the one they didn’t ask.. You would be like ” Bros! Are you watching? I didn’t do anything o! It was Amaka.  John and emeka helped her. Me? No oo .. I was just standing and looking at them.. They even planned to attack you ..but I said nooo, how can they attack my big bros  .. I fought them for you … But now, they have made me look like that enemy .. You are beating me now ” Hello ! 😂 

5. BIANCA SLAP: this is a very new type of slap, its a slap of humiliation, a slap of disgrace, and a slap of shame. This kind of slap will trend for days. If after being slapped and you mistakingly come out to buy something.. You will automatically turn to the topic of the day.. People will know you because of the slap. Infact, if you have been slapped this kind of slap, relocate. I repeat RELOCATE. Because no matter what you do .. People will still talk about it.. This type of slap is like a logo. . its just like MTN.. It follows you everywhere you go 😂😂

6. FIXED DEPOSIT SLAP: this is a reconstructing slap, a surprising slap and a mouth opening slap.  When you receive this kind of slap, the only thing you will do is to stand at an attention with your mouth wide open as you watch the person walk away 

7. RHETORICAL SLAP: also called the confusion slap. Once you download this slap, you are already a confused person. You become unsure of everything around you, even when its right there staring at you. you start asking questions that don’t need reply. Like ,”John,YOU SLAPPED ME?!” “Did you just raised your hands on me?”

8. ROMANTIC SLAP: This is the type of slap a boy/girl gives you sweetly on your cheek. You don’t care if  it’s painful or not, you start blushing and laughing like Christmas goat.

9. CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM SLAP: This should be called a “linguistic slap.” Its a kind of slap that makes you speak different languages in one sentence. When you receive this slap (it is effective when it’s given to you all of a sudden),you will be able to combine and speak all sort of languages at the same time like Spanish,Greek, Arabic, Hindu, etc

10. COLOUR RIOT AND BIRDING SLAP: you have seen a lot of these in the movies. But its real life. When you receive this slap, you will start seeing different colours and your head will turn to a nest then birds will be flying all around you.

11. RETURN LEG/RECIPROCAL SLAP: also known as the “do me, I do you, man no go vex” slap.  It’s the type of slap when someone slaps you and you return the slap immediately..

12 NAUGHTY SLAP: this is not a face slap. It is a knacking slap. A kind of slap you get on your nya$h when a boy is fu*king you.. Its the only type of slap somebody will slap you and you will say “aww.. More baby, give me more”

13.  MILITARY/BOKO HARAM SLAP: hey! .. Humm .. This is the most dangerous of them all.. The oga kpata kpata of them all. .you fit faint because of this slap.  You can urinate on your clothe because of this slap. My brothers and sisters .. If you happen to survive this slap, you can survive any situation in Nigeria. 😂😂😂

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That’s a very funny one, which type of slap from our ” 13 types of slap in Nigeria – number 5 will shock you” did you like the most, let’s hear you out in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this wonderful piece. Make someone laugh too. 😂😂

13 types of slap in Nigeria - number 5 will shock you

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