2021 roundup: Best Artist of the year based on deeds

2021 roundup: Best Artist of the year based on deeds

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From our favourite music to the best concerts, we all have this artist we love so much. But for the first time in the music industry, we need attitudes like these to keep things moving – Best Artist of the year based on deeds

Here is a round up of the best artists this year, based on deeds. “#Divplanet picks”

3rd place

The third person in our list of the Best Artist of the year based on deeds goes to the singer of the hit song “Somebody’s son” Tiwatope Savage A.K.A Tiwa Savage. 

This singer is without doubt one of the best female Nigerian Singer and songwriter. Her music is always giving us the vibes. Cool and romantic, her voice alone would melt your heart when you are angry.

Why did we choose Tiwa Savage as 3rd place?

Over the years, this wonderful singer has made names and of coz done a lot of good works, like we will all say in pidgin “she get doings”.

We picked this singer as number 3 in our list of Best Artist of the year based on deeds. This is because of;

1. How she dealt with the blackmail tape of her sex Video.

As a celebrity, having your sex tape leaked on social media could cause a great damage to the celebrity, this includes her image, her current and future endorsement and brand ambassadorship business could be damaged. And of coz, it can completely destroy the social life of such celebrity. Shame and guilt are two strong felling that may never leave such person.

But Tiwa, completely swallowed all that and handled the matter in a matured way. Instead of being damaged, the blackmail even promoted her more. As of that time, Tiwa was trending all over social media and google search. And this was because of her bravery and matured way of handling decisions.

She is indeed a Matured woman and her actions and way of handling things needs to be applauded.

She also proved to be Loyal and humble on a viral video that shows her bowing  to Bella Shmurda. Tiwa showed respect to the masculine artist irrespective of age and position.

This actions alone qualified her to be on that list.

2nd Place

Our second Best Artist of the year based on deeds is no body else than the “Fine boy Bella” Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, popularly known as Bella Shmurda. 

Without doubt, Bella Shmurda has appeared to be the most humble artist in the industry. He’s an Upcoming (Loved) musician who has gained lots of popularity from different countries. I think that “upcoming should be removed from his name”

Why did we choose Bella as 2nd Person.

Over the years, Bella found the hearts of million Nigerians with his hit song “Cash app” since then, he has been releasing cool vibes for his fan.

We choose him as 2nd place because of his humility and kindness

Within this year, Bella has given a small boy Scholarship till he finished primary school just because the boy was dancing to his song in a viral video. This is the kind of celebrities we want in the industry. Someone that appreciates his fans.

This celebrity has also been spotted taking pictures on the street with fans. This is what most celebrities don’t do. They only take pictures with rich people and that’s it. But Bella, irrespective of how big he has become still have this brotherly relationship with his fan and this is worth appreciating.

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1st place

There is nobody else more deserving of the first place if not the 30 billion gang, David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido. OBO.

Why we choose Davido as Number 1

Do I need to explain  what he did. Its all over the internet. 250 million Naira nah your mate. Lol .

After receiving an unexpected 200 million naira from friends and Fans, this singer addeded extra 50 million naira making it 250 million naira and gave it all away. This is the first of its kind in the music industry. 

A rich man can just give 250 million naira to Orphanage homes, yes. But this 250 million was not just ordinary money. It was his birthday presents. Money people gave to him .. And he gave it all away. This is a very hard decision and i appreciate Davido for this ..

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That’s all for the round up .. These artist have proven to be the best and must be appreciated .. Tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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