3 most important secrets of e-marketing

3 most important secrets of e-marketing


Want to Make your next online marketing a successful one? Worry no more, here are 3 most important secrets of e-marketing.

The term e-marketing was first used in the 1990s, and marketers at the time were not sure that this strategy would work at a time when the Internet was not so widespread. But now, talking about e-marketing, its strategies and trends, and its use in marketing products and services is more than necessary for companies and business owners. In this article, you will learn 3 secrets of e-marketing.

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What is e-marketing and its advantages?

The Business Dictionary defines digital or electronic marketing as: the promotion of products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media.

For example: Advertising media that can be used as part of a business’s e-marketing strategy can include promotional efforts across the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as across digital, television and radio channels.

There are many forms of e-marketing, most notably:

  • Content marketing of all kinds: these include; blogging , infographics , video marketing , e-books, etc.
  • Optimizing the performance of search engines SEO
  • Marketing through social networks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

There are many advantages and secrets of e-marketing that drive thousands of companies to rely on it day after day, as it is characterized by its ability to reach a wider audience in a shorter period of time and at lower costs. Its costs are lower than traditional marketing and its results are better because it allows access to a target audience in an effective and measurable way.

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E-marketing also allows direct interaction with customers and personalization of the marketing process. It helps build customer loyalty and brand reputation. Not to mention that it helps in increasing the number of visits to the digital website and converting visitors into customers. It enables companies to go global and target other new markets.

What are the 3 most important secrets of e-marketing?

3 most important secrets of e-marketing

The e-marketing economy is growing rapidly and competitively compared to the traditional marketing economy, and it is important that companies are willing to make more efforts to make their plans a success and learn its secrets. These ideas will help you achieve your digital marketing goals:

1. Prepare content that meets the needs of the audience

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies. According to the Internet Marketing Institute, marketers in businesses, on average, spend around 28% of their total budget on content marketing.

It is necessary for any company to develop a content marketing strategy to attract its target audience, as long as it fits with the overall goals. Focusing on content quality rather than quantity, because quality helps you gain audience trust and develop a strong reputation for the company, it is also essential that content topics cover audience needs, answer questions, and solve problems, and that content is relevant to what the brand has to offer.

Preparing relevant and quality content needs goals and a plan, and 63% of marketers do not have any documented content marketing strategy, which means a lot of missed opportunities. In addition to the plan, sterile research and studies should be conducted on the demographics and needs of the market, and then choose the formats that best suit your brand and type of business. Paying attention to carefully scheduling content publication, monitoring what competitors offer in the field of content and measuring audience reactions and interaction.

2. Check out the latest trends in e-marketing

Success in benefiting from the secrets of e-marketing cannot be guaranteed, unless you are constantly informed of the latest trends and news, and everything new regarding this constantly changing and accelerating field. When looking, you should try to find all the data and information that is critical to your business goals, be aware of the latest trends and get the right data.

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In addition to monitoring the behavior of consumers and competitors on the Internet and keeping up with e-marketing challenges, marketers will be very familiar with customer behavior and will know exactly what it takes to deliver the best results for the company, and add everything they have learned to the marketing efforts in digital marketing.

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All new secrets of e-marketing can be found by following technical news networks, marketing experts, influencers in the industry on social networks, or through specialized company updates. For example, Google periodically tweaks its search engine algorithms, and you’ll suddenly discover that everything you’ve learned about SEO is becoming consuming, and social media marketing trends are constantly changing.

3. Make your strategy mobile friendly

The use of smart phones has become essential for a third of the world’s population, there are many daily uses between communication and obtaining information and news, and more options that facilitate users’ daily lives, more than two thirds of smart phone users (68%) say they check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up In the morning, 30% admit that they actually “feel” when they don’t have their phones, and 77% of people who use smartphones keep them with them day and night.

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These numbers show the importance of mobile-friendly marketing, so if you haven’t been working on your marketing strategies to be mobile yet, you’re risking your marketing plans. Creating a smartphone app will be an important step if the experience is specifically designed to do specific actions, in other cases you don’t need to create a smartphone app and instead, you can focus on creating a mobile-friendly website that provides a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices.

It is important to know who your audience is and what kind of daily activity they engage in while online, in order to give your users a unique experience, and reach a larger audience. The secrets of e-marketing include many practices, including: optimal use of digital marketing tools, transforming social networks into platforms for customer service and answering their questions and complaints, paid advertisements on social networks…etc.

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