5 Reasons you should be Self Employed

5 Reasons you should be Self Employed


Here are 5 Reasons you should be Self Employed. From recent tweets and surveys to normal roadside arguments. There has been a controversy on the benefits of being self employed .. And being an employed staff .. Today, am going to share with you 5 reasons why you should be self employed.

What is Self Employment?

Self employment is defined as the act of working for oneself, either as a freelancer or the owner of a business.

Now we have known what self employment is .. Let’s get down to the main discussion of the day.

5 Reasons you should be self employed

1. Be your own boss

Being self employed actually means you are the owner of the business. Therefore, you are the boss. The head of the business. This gives you privilege to control the business, make necessary decision and oversee the entire running of the business. Here, your decisions affects the business positively or negatively. You can do whatever you like with the business without external intervention unlike being employed, you will be bossed around from here to there. Sometimes it might look as if you are the errand boy of the company. They will tell you to do this and you must do it whether you like it or not. Therefore, in this situation, you don’t actually make the decisions. You just follow whatever the boss says. But things are actually opposite when you have your own business and become your own boss.

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2. Growth and more income

Here is another sweet benefit of being self employed. More income!!! Instead of a fixed monthly salary when you are employed, you can earn even more than you do before as your business gradually starts to grow.

Remember, from the first point i said your decisions can affect your business positively or negatively. When you make the right decisions in business with effective plans and business strategy, you will experience gradual growth in your business and within a very short Time, it’s already yielding much profit.

Being self employed gives you the opportunity to plan your business the way you want it. Give you opportunity for growth and more income rather than a fixed monthly salary.

3. You get to learn something new

You get to learn something new when you work for yourself unlike working for someone. Working for someone only gives you opportunity to apply what you already know as businesses only hire qualified individuals. But when you work for your self, you learn new things and practices to which you will apply to your business for a steady growth. You will also acquire new skills which can be marketing, handling financial issues and other things which your business might require. In fact, having your own business exposes you to a lot of information, knowledge, experience and skills.

4. You will Have time for yourself

Here you can just wake up one morning and decide not to go to work. Rather attend a party at the club nearby, flex and enjoy yourself without being questioned. At some point in our lives, we need to give business a pause and enjoy ourselves small. “Man no be Machine” but this should be done when your business is fully established and under the supervision of another person.. Probably your assistant.

5. You can create employment

This is a very important benefit. Being your own boss, you can create employment. You will need people to assist you run your business and you should be willing to pay in return.

Reports have shown that there are millions of unemployed graduates walking from company to company in search of job opportunities. You can add value to the economy by creating employments. Thereby solving problems of unemployment.

Hope you learnt from these tips .. Let’s hear your opinion in the comment box below.

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