6 new ways to cope with first day at school

6 new ways to cope with first day at school


Here are ways to cope with first day at school. Being in school for the first time after a long vacation or transfer can be exciting and also tend to leave you nervous. This involves the pressure and excitement to meet old time faces and new faces. Trying to get familiar to the school environment and also trying to adopt to the new school system.

Without taking much of your time, Below are ways to cope with first day at school.

ways to cope with first day at school

1. Take a deep breath before entering the school gate.

There is a saying that taking a deep breath helps relieve some nerves. This is helpful when it comes to the relieve of nervousness. That is why you see great presenters take a deep breath before mounting the stage. If you have been watching a lot of movies, you must have come across this. Taking a deep breath gives you confidence and leaves you with a lot of positive vibes.

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2. Smile and walk like your father owns the school.

Walking like your father owns the school doesn’t mean you should be proud. This has a lot to do with confidence. Walk with confidence and smile at everyone. This will leave a positive impression about you. Sign is language and a good sign leaves a good impression.

3. Greet

Make sure you greet your friends, teachers and other familiar faces. Initiate a handshake if possible.

ways to cope with first day at school

Let’s get this straight, whenever students resume from a long vacation. 75% of the students will want you to talk to them first. This can be because they are shy or nervous.

Being the the first to greet them will give them a feeling of comfort around you. And you may end up being best friends with the person you hardly talk to before just because of this.

4. Be nice and Kind

learn to be nice, kind and avoid being rude.

5. Dress neatly

Dress neatly and smartly to school every day.

6. Make reading timetable.

And most importantly, make a reading timetable and bombard yourself with study materials.

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The goal of every student is to make good grades right? ..

That’s all for the list. You will definitely create a good first impression with these steps, and first impression “they say” matters.

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