7 things you need to survive this harmattan

7 things you need to survive this harmattan


The season of harmattan is fast approaching, with the dusty, cold wind, and dryness, here are 7 things you need to survive this harmattan.

Due to cold and dryness during the harmattan season, you can get flaky, dry skin, dehydrated, chapped lips, hair thinning and even respiratory difficulties.

To survive this season, there is need for you to be fully prepared for the harmattan.

7 things you need to survive this harmattan

Water Can

Though water is essential regardless the season, Harmattan comes inbuilt with a lot of dryness and this can lead to dehydration. The need to stay hydrated arises, therefore, you need to keep a water can with you everywhere you go.

Body oil or Vaseline

You don’t want to be part of the many that walks around with dry, white skin during harmattan right? If yes, Then there I need for a body oil or Vaseline to help moisture your skin, which can be the arms, legs, elbow, knee etc to prevent whiteness and cracking of skin due to dryness.

Lip gloss

Dryness can cause chapped lips which are usually uncomfortable and unattractive. If you don’t want to be moving around on chapped lips, you can get a lip gross and apply it whenever you feel your lips is getting dry.

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Shoe brush

Coming out of your house to the church, then you realised that your sparkling December shoe is dusty. A show brush helps you remove dust from your shoe which makes you look smart. Harmattan comes with a lot of dust.

7 things you need to survive this harmattan

Warm clothes

The freezing cold wind during the morning and evening hours could end you up in a fever. So there is need to get some warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, joggers and socks to keep you warm.


Harmattan dust can introduce small particles of dust to your eyes and this is harmful to your sight. You need to protect your eyes with sun glasses.

Hair bonnet

Frizz and major hair breakage can be caused by harmattan. Hair bonnets retain hair moisture, leaving with you the perfect look.

With all these, I hope you are fully prepared for Harmattan.

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