7 yrs old boy bags scholarship over singing Bella Shmurda's popular hit 'triumphant'

7 yrs old boy bags scholarship over singing Bella Shmurda’s popular hit ‘triumphant’

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The 24 yrs Old Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed popularly known as Bella Shmurda Promised to sponsors the education of a 7 yrs old boy who was spotted singing and dancing to the song Bella featured in “Triumphant”

The 7 yrs old boy caught the attention of this prominent artist by singing and dancing to triumphant.

What Bella Shmurda loved most about the video that shows the young boy singing and dancing was the kind of positive vibe it gave him. According to him, he said he had so much joy watching that video. So because of this, he invited the boy over and gave him the reward he deserves.

In his words: : “I don’t know what class he is in. But starting from now to primary 6, I will support him. May God bless him for me. As I see am, na joy for me, And I know it’s also a thing of joy for you all.

“I am with you all, We will connect with any school you want to enroll him in. So that you will be able to see your kid every day and take proper care of him. You must be with him always, you must also monitor him. He has to grow, he has to be well educated.”

Here is the video of Bella Shmurda giving scholarship to the 7 yrs old boy.

In my opinion ..this is a very kind gesture by Bella Shmurda and this good act is what we need in the society if we are hoping for growth. If you find yourself in a higher position. You should also try to help other too. Be a blessing to someone’s life and trust me .. You won’t regret it.

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