Achieving Success

Achieving Success



1.The Concept of success

2.What exactly is success

3. Principles to achieving success

4. Conclusion

Introduction: The 21st century definition of literacy is to have the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

1. THE Concept of Success

Behind every pursuit and ambition of man is the need and desire to become successful in whatever he set out to do. People are passionate to succeed academically , financially, spiritually, socially, health-wise, mentally etc

The reason why people rise up early and sleep late including students is primarily because of the desire or pressure to achieve a high level of success

2. What exactly is SUCCESS?

-Success is the achievement of one’s aim or goal. E.g a goal to have a first class, become one of the top three students in class, start a business, buy a car, house etc

-Success is escaping failure and the effects that comes with it.
While all these definitions are true, my concept of success is far beyond just achieving an aim or escaping failure.

Sir Nikolas Michael’s Concept of Success

-Success is becoming better than where you were yesterday. By implication, if you are not becoming better than who you were yesterday, then you are failing, no matter the results your life is producing. Bishop David Ibiyome once said: “success is succeeding in succession”

  • Success is not just an event but a lifestyle
    Success is a product of one’s lifestyle and not just an event. Major failures in life can always be attributed to little failures everyday of our lives

3. Principles of Achieving Success

  • One must have the right mindset
    mindset is the transportation system of one’s success. Your mindset is your asset, treasure it
    Success starts from the mind
  • One must be a consistent Learner
    your earning is dependent on your learning. Earners are learners
  • Be vision driven
    vision determines your provision
    Set SMART goals!
    Your Goals must be SMARTER
    By “SMARTER” that is;
    T=Time Bound
  • -Cultivating and Maintaining Quality Relationships
  • your Network determines your networth

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