Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria – Everything you need to know


Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing methods for making money online, that is why i will be delighted to take you on the full course of; Affiliate marketing in Nigeria – Everything you need to know

In this post, i will be going to talk about:

  • What is Affiliate marketing in Nigeria and how does it work?
  • Examples of affiliate / affiliate marketer companies
  • The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Marketplace Sales
  • What is an affiliate program How do you choose an affiliate program and how do you join an affiliate program
  • How To Promote The Things You Want To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To practice affiliate marketing
  • How Much Money Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria – Everything you need to know – Overview

how do you even start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? do i need money to start? etc.. well, if you keep reading, you will learn all these in no time, now lets get to it.

NOTE: AFFILIATE MARKETING IS FREE! .. (depends on the platform though)

The principle behind affiliate marketing is very simple:

  1. Find a product (physical or digital) or service from others that can be marketed using a unique link
  2. The partner (marketer / affiliate) links to the particular product or service on a variety of possible platforms: website, social network, videos, etc.
  3. If the surfer he referred makes a purchase or even fills out a form, the partner receives a commission or a certain percentage of the sale.

There are direct affiliate programs and indirect affiliate programs through an intermediary company.

The advantage of a brokerage firm is that you can advertise more products and dynamically replace the advertisements depending on the advertising space on the site.

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Examples of companies that mediate between affiliate marketers (affiliates or affiliates) and product service owners are not lacking:

Affiliate marketing directly with the seller

In addition to these, you can work directly with different companies and be a kind of their distributor, for a fee, all you need to do is get them customers and they pay you a commission or fixed price.

Generally, large companies already have a built-in affiliate program, but there are those who have not developed their own affiliate marketing platform and are assisted by third-party companies, as mentioned above.

You can find a lot of areas in which companies have an affiliate program, such as the Online shops like jumia and the rest, the tourism field, web hosting and more.

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The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Selling in a Marketplace

If you are interested in internet marketing and even if not ready, you have probably heard quite a bit about Nigerians who became sellers on Amazon or eBay or Jumia and started making a lot of money.

Most of these sellers are not regular partners, rather they sell within a sales arena known as the Marketplace.

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In such cases the partner is in fact solely responsible for the sale of the product even if he uses the delivery service of the site and even his stock is virtual (i.e. he does not keep the products in a local warehouse).

In such cases the seller pays some commission to the host site and the rest of the profits remain his.

In fact, the sales potential is greater, but the investment required may also be relatively large because it competes with other customers directly within the Marketplace.

How to participate in an affiliate program technically?

Also technically, affiliate marketing works in a relatively simple way: all you have to do is link to the affiliate program site, where the link can be a simple link, an image link or even a video of a few seconds.

The link contains a special code that identifies the partner specifically and therefore there can be no situation where someone steals the partner’s referral… In addition, depending on the terms of the affiliate program, the referral can be effective for a certain time based on cookies.

That is, if the surfer performs the conversion operation only after a day or two, the partner will still receive money for the referral.

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So how do you get started with affiliate marketing?

Once we’ve figured out what affiliate marketing is more or less, let’s talk a little bit about how it works in a nutshell and how you can promote others’ findings and services as soon as possible.

Choosing an affiliate marketing niche: How do you choose a product or service to promote?

As mentioned, affiliate marketing means marketing and actually selling products or services of others – from private individuals’ products to giant companies like Amazon, etc.

Over time, it can be challenging (and even boring) to sell and market products that you have no interest in.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to promote products or services in areas that you are interested in – hobbies for example.

I, for example, love guitars, metal and things like that.

So if for interest I want to promote products related to these words, I can Google things like this:

  • “Affiliate Program Musical Instruments”
  • Guitars affiliate programs

And things like this….

Most likely – I will find relevant programs that I can subscribe to, and soon after i start marketing.

Today, almost every product or service has an affiliate program – so it’s worth doing a similar test for the interests or products you’ve been thinking of marketing, and see what a simple Google search brings up…

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Things to consider before choosing a niche and affiliate program

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

  • Competition – Competition is on the one hand a good thing, because it is an indication that in the specific field there is enough “meat” and you can make quite a bit of money. On the other hand, competition also means that you are going to compete with other affiliate marketers, and if for example you ran away to do so with the help of organic Google promotion – keep in mind that it will take a lot of patience to get to the first page on Google .
  • Commissions – How many affiliate marketing commissions are you willing to pay? Obviously, this is a major consideration in choosing a product or service that you would like to promote.
  • Program Terms  – Each affiliate program has its own terms. There are certain areas, for example, that can not be marketed on Facebook or Google ads – and if a marketer who works with the program is caught doing so, he may be suspended. There are many other types of conditions and it is advisable to go through them before you choose to market one product or another.

Once you have chosen a product or several products to market in order to earn affiliate commissions from them, what is left is to decide exactly how to market and promote these products.\

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Ways to do affiliate marketing in a nutshell – on which platforms can you market?

There are, as mentioned above, a wide variety of ways to do affiliate marketing:

Establishing an affiliate marketing website or blog

Establishing a blog or website that aims to promote the products / services.

This is usually done by writing reviews and information, combining links that point to the product or service page (of course, the links must include the affiliate’s ID in order to receive a commission).

It is important to note that – setting up a website or blog is not a sufficient action, and this site should be actively promoted afterwards. There are many ways to do this including:

  • Organic promotion (also known as SEO – promoting the site in the organic search results of Google and other search engines)
  • Google Advertising / Sponsored Promotion
  • Advertising on social networks
  • And more ..

By the way – if you already have an active website with traffic, you can incorporate banners and articles through them and promote affiliate links – this is definitely legitimate.

I incorporate some affiliate marketing links on my site.

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Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

At this point you may be wondering if it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website?

The answer is definitely yes, in the following sections I will expand on providing examples.

2. Affiliate marketing on Facebook and other social networks

In recent years marketing on Facebook (and also on Instagram) has been a prolific channel for affiliate marketing.

The links can be published in groups or business pages that you manage, but also in sponsored Facebook ads, as long as it pays off.

Sometimes, it takes time to recoup the investment, but once you reach an exact target audience segmentation, you can recoup the investment in a big way and let the campaign run and be profitable over time.

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Some tips for affiliate marketing on Facebook, if you decide to go with this channel:

  • No thresholds! People hate spam – in fact it is also much less effective and can also endanger your Facebook account.
  • It’s best to market a product or service based on a relevant community – so it would be a good idea to start a community in the first place, which is around the relevant domain – if you join an existing community and give value there.
  • Give proper disclosure! It’s legitimate to make money through affiliate marketing links – but it’s advisable to let your audience know. In this regard, it is highly recommended to market products or services that you truly believe in and may even have experienced with them and have a good experience with.

3. Affiliate marketing with Google Ads campaigns

Basically there is no problem using a Google ad with marketing and affiliate links, but when you do, you have no control over the landing page, and this can complicate you with Google in some cases.

Therefore, the recommendation is to create your own landing page (it does not have to be an entire site) where you will place the links and offer some additional content to the surfers (as with the blogs). Of course here too you need to create a situation where the costs of the campaign still pay off for you relative to the amount of commissions you will receive.

And in the case of this affiliate marketing, it is recommended to give added value of course and include information that can help the potential customer to purchase the specific product and / or service through you.

For example a very high quality review of a storage company, a particular WordPress plugin or anything else.

4. Affiliate marketing with mailing lists

Mailing lists are another great tool for affiliate marketers that allow them to reach a very large amount of surfers and send them targeted marketing messages.

In fact, affiliate marketing based on mailing lists (also called leads) and mailing is probably one of the most powerful and effective ways to do affiliate marketing over time.

The question is how exactly to subscribe to the mailing list, especially in light of the spam law that does not allow sending more than one email to those who have not given explicit consent to receive emails from you.

The answer is that you usually have to work hard and provide the surfer with a good offer thanks to which he will agree to join the list, it can be a professional site that sends updates on a weekly basis, a PDF booklet on a particular topic and so on.

Under no circumstances should a ready-made mailing list be bought, both because of the spam law and because the recipients of such an ad are often not targeted enough.

As you can understand, you do not necessarily need a website to run an affiliate program, and this is one of its significant advantages over other online marketing methods.

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Popular affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Program

We will take a closer look at some of the popular affiliate programs:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great affiliate program for websites because the distribution of profits is quite fair. The idea is that you place advertising space on your site and Google automatically adjusts the most appropriate ads based on the site’s content or surfer’s browsing history (e.g. remarketing ads ), and you earn every time someone clicks on one of the ads.

The main disadvantage of the Google Adsense affiliate marketing program is that the profit potential depends on the niche of the site, and if it is a niche that does not have a high profit per click, you will need a lot of traffic to profit from the site. However, it is important to remember that you can use Adsense on all your sites at the same time and all profits will be recorded in the same account.


Jumia is without doubt the leading E-commerce website in Nigeria. it also has a powerful affiliate network where you can earn up to 10% of each sales you make on the platform.


Clickbank is without doubt one of the largest and most respected affiliate platforms in the world, and focuses exclusively on digital products (e-books, online courses and such). In fact, this is a network of sellers of different products, with each seller having its own affiliate network. The variety of categories and products is huge and one can see the average commission per sale and the commission as part of the total percentage of the sale.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Basically Amazon has an affiliate program that works quite similar to that of Clickbank, but it has some significant benefits

  • Physical products like those sold on Amazon have a very high popularity.
  • Amazon’s name and interface convey prestige and reliability, compared to many sellers at Clickbank whose sites look outdated and even questionable.
  • The commission increases as more products are sold per month and retroactively (i.e., the commission for all products you have already sold increases along with the commissions for new sales).
  • You also earn if someone bought more products and not just the specific product you referred to.

However, Amazon has one major drawback and that is that you must have a website or at least a blog to participate in the program.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

So how much money can you make with affiliate marketing… in 3 words? The sky’s the limit.

And it’s not just a hollow slogan I throw into the air.

There are affiliates in Nigeria and around the world who make tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from this business every month.

The Internet is endless and despite the high competition in many areas – there is still room for a lot of affiliate marketers and in general, Internet marketers – to enter and succeed.

True, as in any field they are the small percentage who succeed – but hey, if they did, maybe you can too.

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Make no mistake – when it comes to affiliate marketing it is a business for everything, which requires an investment of time, knowledge and money.

The big advantage?

It can be done while you are employed, even full time. One can roll with something that requires an investment of an hour a day and slowly evolve from there.

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