Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download.

Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download

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Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download. 

Cultism in Nigeria began dated back to the olden days as far as 1952. It started out as fraternities, and they were usually confined within universities campuses with the motive of maintaining law and order on campuses. … The Pyrates Confraternity was started by seven students among which was the popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka

Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download.

35 Cultist Slangs And Their Meanings! Know Them well To Be At Alert In Gra Situations.

Being a Cultist is now regarded as a normal common thing these days. Young boys and Girls now belong to one particular Confraternity or the other and sometimes it could be really hard to tell if your child, neighbor or brother is one of them or if you are around a group of cultist planning to do you great harm.

Students in campuses are most likely to hang out with cultist and not know it because they are like every other person in the school, just like a chameleon they could trade off their bad characters and pretend to be Morally upright in front of others.

All Cultist groups have different Slangs for communicating with themselves. Special codes they could use to plan their devices in your front without you knowing it.

After doing a lot of research and digging, Alongside personal one on one communication with some of them, here are 35 Cultist Slangs and their Meanings everybody, especially girls should know to be at alert if their planning you harm or evil.

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(kindly Share to your Families and Loved ones to keep them alert)

35 Cultist Slangs and their Meanings

Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download.

1. Jew/48

Meaning- Someone that is not a member of any Confraternity

(My brother is a Jew)- in a sentence

2. In-Jew

Meaning- A member of a different Confraternity

3. Bella

Meaning- A female Member of Vikings Confraternity

4. Sticker

Meaning- For Vikings Cult, special code for Cutlass

5. Talasa

Meaning to- To Hit someone till he bleeds

6. H.I.T

Meaning- When the whole crew is going for an ambush

7. O.V.B

Meaning- To kill

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8. S.M

Meaning- Personal Girlfriend, the one they can can ride for

9. Odin Ship

Meaning- When a cultists says this to another cultist then he’s referring to the other guy to get him a condom, If you’re a girl Flee from the scene!

10. L.T

Meaning- random chick

11. Wida You

Meaning- Use your head

12. Jetesin-

Meaning- To forget about something

13. Moronto Mornica

Meaning- Tomorrow Morning

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14. Ruff sea

Meaning- Conflict/Crisis

15. Manover

Meaning- To steal

16. Manover RBS;

Meaning- Stolen Money

17. Throw Long rope

Meaning-To seek for more Knowledge.

18. Omila Squad

Meaning- Armed Robbers

19. Noron

Meaning- This is a special name for anyone that is not a member of any cultist but cultist members have eyes on him to be one of them. If anyone calls you a Noron then they want to Force you to become a cultist.

20. SK

Meaning- Weed

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22. Jonze

Meaning- When Someone bleeps up

23. Drive

Meaning To tactically collect someone else’s phone and possession

24. Cramp

Meaning- To catch someone

25; Parambu

Meaning- Police

26. Obembe business

Meaning- A cultist gathering where they share their monthly dues and allowance

27. Panama jack

Meaning- Big Shoe

28. Sink

Meaning- Forcefully refusing to give someone how belonging

29. Panama;

Meaning- Where everybody live freely

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30. Iceland

A place that anyone that is not part of the Confraternity cannot enter, If you do you’ll either be Beaten or Forced to join them.

31. B40:

Meaning- Brother

32. 411:

Meaning- What’s up? What’s going on

33. Treasure hunting Zone

Meaning- Any location that is sure for a cultist to get money either by begging for it or Forcefully collecting it.

34. Safari


35. Anchor;

Meaning- Give me

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Kindly share this article or post to your loved ones, Especially young ones who are going to universities

God is the ultimate Protector of human life but with these little knowledge on Cultist Slangs and their Meanings we can prevent a lot of bad happenings.

You are now reading: Alora slangs and their meaning pdf download

Since we know how they talk and what it means we will also know who is who and when to leave a vicinity to avoid Harm or injury from these bad boys.

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