Boarding School Saga - Episode 1

Boarding School Saga – Episode 1

high School Action

Ready for an interesting boarding school action triller. We hit you with boarding school saga.


We were busy reading in the school library, a place that appears to be more quiet than a graveyard. Until we heard fainting voices and echos followed by screaming from east and west. Then the next thing we saw was our Maths teacher thrown down from a two story building which was recently our second library. This is the Genesis of MY BOARDING SCHOOL SAGA. This is where the real problem began.

Episode 1


My name is Chris Annabel, and I am just 12 years old. Being a graduate was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. finally, the long awaited period is here before me. it’s finally time to move into a more Advanced stage in life. Life in secondary school as stories has it, has always been a trilling one and a dream I can’t wait to behold. I t ’s September 9th , many schools has resumed their first term academic section but my parents are still pondering on the school to register me into. They finally reached a conclusion when they saw my neighbor’s daughter ready for school. She is traveling today and her provision set is already outside. ion set and other big bags were I was in my room watching the lovely girl, how her school uniform fitted her dark and chubby body until I heard a whisper “do you want to go to the same school with her?” said my mother.

I turned immediately and gave her a positive nod a big smile on my face

“ . go and get dressed, we will go with the neighbor with today for your registration. Tomorrow , your school shopping begins ”

I was very happy to hear that, I rushed in and off we go. After the registration, My parents used the list the school gave to shop for my school requirements. I will be starting school on Monday morning. And I really can’t wait for it to come.

To be continued…

Tomorrow by 10:00 pm.

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