Caught by Chance

Caught by Chance

Short story “Caught by Chance” by Okoye C Divine

The number of criminal cases and theft keeps increasing in this country. the worst part of it is that the stories are actually hilarious. I was on my own, with the “screen guard” I bought from a phone shop walking as if I own the market, then this guy pushed me from behind and ran away with great speed before I could even think of calling him names.

Four hefty men ran past me and took to the direction of the boy. I quickly distanced myself a bit from them.

“Which kind nonsense is this?” I said with anger on seeing my new screen guard on the floor.

I was still concerned about my screen guard when people started flooding the scene. I quickly picked up my screen guard and moved forward before someone breaks something i bought with my hard earned money.

Aba people will never change. If it was Lagos now, I will say “cameras started rolling” but this is Aba.

People gathered around the scene and “eyes started rolling”



But wait ooh .. Why is it that aba people look alot ?


Within minutes, the scene was already flooded with people. Noise everywhere, I could barely hear anything. Everybody came up with their own different story. There is noting I didn’t hear.

I recall back in the shop where i went to purchase my screen guard. A phone repairer close to the shop I was buying from was busy on a phone, then this man that seems to be someone he knows came. They exchanged pleasantries and the man was set to take his leave. His eyes immediately flashed on the phone.

He claimed it was his, according to him, he has been looking for that phone for weeks now, he kept it in his car as he went to get something he forgot at home. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t locked. Before he could get back, the phone with some of his money in the car was nowhere to be found.


Narrating the story to the phone repairer, the man unlocked the phone before him and showed him his pictures as prove of ownership.

Meanwhile, the suspected thief brought the phone earlier and asked the repairer to change the screen and format it.


With enough prove of ownership, the man convinced the repairer with some other boys in the market to help him grab the alleged thief if he comes again. That was when I left.

Now the thief is being paraded round the market but the funny thing is that the thief claims to be innocent irrespective of the proves against him. People can be funny a times.

I left the scene immediately, its not me Aba people will break head this Christmas. The place was lousy and rough.

I later heard that the thief confessed and was given the beating of his life. Thank God for the old man that pleaded on his behalf, he would have gotten the bitter taste of jungle justice.


#Say_no_to_stealing #say_no_to_lying #keep_the_society_secured

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