Chris Brown sued for raping woman on yacht

Chris Brown sued for raping woman on yacht

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A lawsuit from an Unidentified woman was filed, asking for $20 Million for damages aganist the Grammy award winning singer, Chris Brown for allegedly drugging and raping her in a yacht in Florida. – Chris Brown sued for raping woman on yacht

The incident was said to have happened on December 2020.

The lawsuit filled on Thursday by a popular musician and choreographer who identified as Jane Doe, made it known to the public that she was invited by Brown to meet him at Star Island, located in Florida.

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This location happens to be the home of the rapper Sean Combs. She arrived and went on a yacht. Right in the yacht, Brown served her a drink and she accepted. After drinking, she started feeling dizzy and slept off. Then Brown took advantage of her. He dragged her to the bedroom and made love to her without her consent. The lawsuit said.

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Writing on Instagram, Brown said:

“Whenever I’m releasing music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bulls–t,” and included a blue cap emoji, which is used as slang for lies.


Brown, however,  pleaded guilty to assaulting the popular singer Rihanna when the pair were dating in 2009, an incident that made headlines around the world after a photo of her bruised face was released.

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A woman has also accused Brown of raping her in a Paris hotel room in 2019. The singer immediately denied the allegation and filed a defamation complaint against the accuser. No charges were filed.

In the new lawsuit, the woman made it known that Brown has called her the day after the incident and told her to take an emergency contraceptive pill to prevent any form of pregnancy.

The filing said she saw Brown just twice after that encounter. At one of those meetings, he became “irate” when she turned down an invitation to his bedroom, the complaint said.

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The woman has experienced “dramatic mood swings, loss of appetite, panic attacks and has engaged in self harm,” said the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. She is seeking a jury trial and $20 million in damages.

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