Daniel Regha - bio

Daniel Regha – Bio, the popular Twitter special adviser

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Daniel Regha as he is popularly known is a popular twitter special adviser. With his own style of content creation, he has taken up the task to advice everyone on twitter, he does this in the comment section of every tweet. Daniel Regha – bio

Daniel Regha – Bio, the popular Twitter special adviser

This media personality has won the hearts of thousands without a base or support. He is well known amongst celebrities, which includes our very own man of the moment “Davido”.

This is because of his regular engagements and advice on twitter.

Daniel Regha joined twitter on 2020 with a zero follower, just like anybody else, but he has climbed to over 100k followers as at the time of this post. This is a wonderful achievement in just 2 years.

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Daniel Regha’s bio reads,

” To whom it may concern, please don’t stress yourself, if my tweets or personality annoys you, kindly use the block button above. Goodbye in advance…

Who is Daniel Regha?

Daniel Regha - bio

Daniel Regha is a fast rising Twitter Influencer and adviser. The only thing he does on Twitter is to drop piece of advice under the comment sections of almost all twitter users you can lay your hands on.  including popular stars, such as: CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, Dj Cuppy, Zlatan Ibrahimović and many more.

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Before Daniel Regha became a Twitter sensation, he became popular as a commenter on popular Facebook blogs, Yabaleft and GistReel. He received too much backlashes, insults and suddenly, he stopped commenting and moved straight to Twitter.

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In his tweet, he hardly fails to add the phrase “no offense” at the end. He’s a real social media user and he’s currently in his middle 20s (so we taught)

One thing about Daniel Regha is that his profile picture looks really annoying 😂😂😂

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