Davido donates 250Million to orphanage homes. The Nigerian Musician, probably one of the best in Nigeria has done an increadible thing today to prove to the world that his quote “we rise by lifting others” is truly what the society needs for instant development.

The music star has donated all the money he realised from friends and fans which was a sum total of 200 million naira. adding his own very personal 50 million naira to make this 250 million naira to all orphanage homes across Nigeria.

After donating the 200 million, he added his own 50 million naira to support the good cause.

The music star took to the blue bird app hours ago to say that he might be giving it all away. People actually taught it was a joke till the heart melting donation came as a notification that Davido gave it all away plus his own 50million naira.

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A statement released via his twitter and Instagram page confirmed this donation.

The music star also said that he plans on doing this every year. And this will be perfectly achieved if he will still receive support from friends and fans.

The statement below

Davido donates 250Million to orphanage homes - we rise by lifting others
Statement of the donation made by Davido

It continues…

We rise by lifting others
Statement 2


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