Davido: I didn't know i had a rich Dad till i was 13

Davido: I didn’t know i had a rich Dad till i was 13

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The award winning Most generous musician of the year Davido has revealed to the public that he never new he had a rich Dad till he was 13 yrs “I didn’t know i had a rich Dad till i was 13”


This was made known to the public on an interview with an American-based podcast, Earn your leisure. Published on Wednesday.

The singer, Davido who is also known as OBO, meaning Omo Baba Olowo translated as ‘son of a rich man’ said he never knew his father was wealth because his father lived a modest life.

In his words:  “I never knew he was rich till I was 13. That was because he lived so normal. I didn’t even notice he was a billionaire driving a Honda.

Back then, he was using a new silver Accord. He had a driver. My mum was driving a Toyota or so, so I didn’t even notice”

“They lived so modestly till we moved out of that house to a new house”

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He went further to say that it was when he they moved to a new house that he realised his father was rich so he tried to find out what he was doing and what kind of business he is engaged in.

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He went further to confess the fact that he remains amazed at his father’s humility and modesty.

He said that his father is modest with the way he spends, and the way he goes about his business.

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