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Evi Agenda (E6)- when one door closes another opens

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Evi Agenda (E6)- when one door closes another opens

 Episode 6

When one door closes, another opens

I submitted everything to the manager including the car keys I was using because it belongs to the company. I carried my box and left the company.

Still in deep thoughts as I walk through the streets of Lagos, I was still pondering on the next step to take with my life till I met face to face with an over speeding car. The horn came blaring, I turned to look only to meet a state of the arts car ready to take away the remaining life in me.

The car came to a halt few centimeters from where I was standing, then a man dressed in luxurious orange casual shirt and milk trouser came out of the car shouting.

“You de ment for head? You de craze? See Mr man, If you wan die, go do am for nearby transformer, no use your blood stain my car” the man Shouts.

I didn’t say a word to him, I looked up to see who was talking and It happened to be Stone my Course mate back in those days.

“Stone?” I asked in a low tune.

“Who you de call stone, abeg commot for road mek I drive off, all these Lagos suicide boys, be looking for who they will put in trouble” he said as he advanced to enter his car.

“Stone, its me Zack your course mate, you are stone right?” I asked again.

He turned and looked at me, this time, he was trying to remember my face.

“Zack! , Oh my God! Its been a long time bro” he replied.

“How are you doing” he continues

“I’m fine, at least i didn’t stain your car with my blood” I said as we laughed out loud.

“Lol .. Where are you going to carrying all that, get in the car let me drop you off” he said as I made my way into the car.

“Stone, Stone! ..you are all grown up now, is this not the same stone that was slim like crayfish back then?” I hyped him.

“Lol .. You still haven’t changed this man, insulting me with every small opportunity you get” he replied.

“But its true now, were you not slim back then?”

“Yes I was, but not like crayfish lol ..what crayfish . guy you get bad mouth ohh .. Lol ”

“That’s me for you ohh.. How is work and everything” I asked.

“Fine fine”

“I can see”

“Yea ..and you?, I heard you now work in a multi billion dollar company, Big boy with the big money” he teased.

“Yea.. I used to work there” I replied in a low tune.

“Used to? .. What happened” he asked.

“I got fired today, went to the manager and he popped out this letter, says the CEO ordered him to sack some people because of the increased loss account the company is witnessing” I replied.

“Ahh! .. I am soo sorry man .. This is why I hate company works” he replied.

“My apologies for shouting at you earlier, I didn’t recognize you, look at you all fresh and cute.” He said trying to brighten up my mood.

Just then, stone drove to the estate where i was living, he dropped me off and handed me his business card.

“Call me tomorrow let’s catch a drink at the bar, take care bro” he said as he drove off.. I waved to say goodbye.

To be continued …

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