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Evil Agenda (E2)- The Warn Off

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Evil Agenda (E2)- The Warn Off



What have I done wrong? Who have I offended, all I’ve ever wished for is a perfect university life.
I’m beginning to achieve that and this? I said crying in the arms of my very good friend Steve.

“you should have avoided them in the first place” Steve said.
“but how? how will I do that and not sound rude? “
“at least you should have told someone about it. I noticed it few weeks ago, I tried to ask you but you shut me off”

“I know and I’m sorry for that. I thought I had things under control”
“and now it’s out of control. for goodness sake Zack!! You are being hunted! !, And these people are not going to stop looking for you till they get you”
“there has to be a way out”
“yes!, The Only way out is for you to leave town or maybe join another cult group and that is something I know you don’t want to do”
“but what if I report them to the police, SARS, or EFCC” I optioned.
“in a country like this? You only complicate things. The SARS you want to call can be bribed by the cultist against you and I don’t think you have a lot of money to bribe back. Is always about who has the bigger money remember!!!”
“What about the school anti-cult squad?”

“you live outside school Zack, school anticult will only protect you while in school environment outside that, you are on your own!!!”
“There has to be something, I can’t leave school” I cried. But it just looks like Steve got am idea.
“What if we fight them with their methods?”
“What do you mean?” U replied confused.
“You can pay some boys in another cult group, probably a higher cultist to warn them off”
“Do you think that will work?”
“It has to, poor Emily, I wonder how she will be taking all these by now”
“I shouldn’t have involved her in all these”
“Its not your fault, you should be greatful she was there to save you from the initiation”
“God!!That initiation was a scary experience”

“I know how you feel, just have some rest while I coordinate the boys for the operation.
Few days later, Steve had already paid off the boys for the operation. According to him, the deal was to warn off the cultists peacefully. And it was indeed successful.
“You are now a free man Zack” said Steve as he walked through the entrance door.
“How did the warn off go? ” I asked.
” it was successful”

“Thank God!! I can now go back to school” I said with a big smile on my face.
“But… “
“But what” I asked.
“No matter whatsoever you do, always try to stay off from cultism. They only agreed to keep off on the Condition that you will have noting to do with cultism. They said you are a though guy. If they can’t have you in their group then no one should. Although one of my men lied saying he was related to you. I heard cultists are adopting muscular guys on campus and initiating them to their confratality”
“That’s bad”

“Yes, but they must. In preparation for the next big wave before them. I heard there will be war amongst cult groups in few weeks to come. But that will only happen if one group refuse to meet up with the proposed requirements.”
“And what are those requirements” I enquired.
“I don’t know Zack, you know I don’t have interest in all these cult shits. And for some reasons, I refuse to be aware”

“You and your ignorance, you need to know more about your environment, you don’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know it. Guy!! You barely mentioned a cult group name here. Am kind of confused on which cult group is supposed to do this and that and that brings me to the question. The guys you paid for the warn off, which group do they belong to”
“Emm… It was A… yyyy… I don’t remember. I just know they we’re strong headed cultists. I made inquires.

“You are unbelievable!!!” I said throwing my face out, making a loud sign and releasing my body so I could fall straight into the bed with my eyes staring at the celings.
“You would be going to school tomorrow right? ” he asked.
I gave him the ‘its like you are stupid’ look. Then he said.
“The cultists gave their words Zack. I was there watching them from a corner. I don’t know their names doesn’t mean am not sure of what they did”
I ignored him and faced the other side of the bed, pretending to sleep.
” Now that you are angry, let me bring out the rice and beans I bought on my way back and have it all to myself”
On the sound of beans, I quickly jumped off from the bed and reached Steves bags.

“You must be very stupid to think I would joke with food. Mad boy” I said as I quickly opened the foil and started eating to my delight.

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