Evil Agenda

Evil Agenda (E3)- the warn off ctd.

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Evil Agenda (E3)- the warn off ctd.

Episode 3

The warn off ctd.

Steve has done something nice for me, he actually saved my life and I wont forget this.

“Zack, guess what I heard today?” Steve said as he walks in.

“What?” I replied.

“There is this upcoming cult game, records said it would be bloody, and for this reason, different cult groups have engaged in forceful initiation of huge muscular guys to their cult group.”

“Hum… Nawa ooh” I exclaimed.

Steve: Big guys are no longer safe in this school ohh.. As it is now, going outside at night could be dangerous

Me: wahala choke everywhere.

Steve: nna eh! ..that must have been why they came for you.

Me: thank God they didn’t see me ohh ..

Steve: ah swr, So when will you be starting school?

Me: I don’t know ohh. What is that thing you have in that nylon.

Steve: something that is waiting for you to sleep (lol)

Me: how will I sleep when I perceive beans, my favorite.. Abeg bring it out let’s consume.

Steve: allow it to cool first

Just as he was completing the sentence, I grabbed the beans from his hands and started consuming it like someone who has not eaten for ages.

Me: if you like don’t go and bring spoon, stand there and be looking at me like Locozade.

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