Evil Agenda

Evil Agenda (E4)- 5 years later

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Evil Agenda (E4)- 5 years later

Episode 4

5 years later

“That was the most stressful wedding I have ever been to” said Steve as he got down from my brand new SUV.

“That’s because you were busy best-maning me” I said as we laughed out loud. I dropped him off and drove home with my newly wedded wife.

We reached home, she quickly ran inside the room and coiled herself on the big bed in a way that will set my thing on fire. I came in only to notice that my something is now 5times its original size.

“So what is it going to be iron man? would you be rough just like the first time or you are going to act like the gentle man I married” she said with a seduct!ve voice.

“Last I checked, you enjoyed it rough Mrs Lucius” I replied as I reached to her bre*st, i squized it hard with my tongue rolling round her neck. She pushed me to the bÂŁd and made her way into my trousers. She brought out my yam sized something and gave it a fell@tio.

“Now, that’s the bl0w job that turns me wild” i said as i m0urned breathing in the most unusual way. “Ah! Baby, su¢k it, lick it like a lolipop.” I said.

It was very satisfying, I made l°ve to her like everyone would on their wedding night ,of coz, I was rough and hard and she enjoyed it.

The honeymoon was a very satisfactory one. A honeymoon at banana island is actually a dream honeymoon for most would be married women in Nigeria, though it was quite expensive.

Before you start asking questions, I had a good time in school 5 years ago, everything came back to normal the moment the cultist left me. I graduated with a second class upper certificate in the department of financial accounting and right now, I am currently working as a financial Accountant in one of the biggest firm in Lagos. I have actually achieved my goals and now, I have gotten married to the woman of my dreams. Its time to save some money for son other side investments just to make sure I am not too dependent on my salary.

Its Monday morning and the beginning of a new month, we have not been paid for last month, so the money will be coming in at least this week. I received a call from the manager asking me to come and see him in his office.

“Finally, they decided to pay today, I said to myself as I walked into the manager’s office.

“Good morning Mr Lucius”

“Good morning Sir, you sent for me”

“Yes, please have a seat” he said with a soft tune.

“Thank you sir” I replied.

“Mr Lucius, while on the phone with the CEO from the headquarters, I received a list of things to be done and the one about you comes with two news, a good news and also a bad news. Which should I start with?” The manager said.

I was confused, yes the good news would be about my salary, but what could the bad news be?

“The goodnews sir” I replied.

“The company recognized that you just got married, sorry for our absence on your wedding day. And so for this reason, we are paying you 5 times your monthly salary to say congratulations” the manager said.

“Wow! Thats very kind of you sir, thank you very much! ” I said with excitement.

“Thank the owner of the company, I am only carrying out instructions, you are welcomed though” he said.

“So what about the bad news Sir?” I questioned.

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