Evil Agenda

Evil Agenda (E5)- Bad News

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Evil Agenda (E5)- Bad News

 Episode 5

Bad News

“so what about the other news Sir?” I questioned.

“you know that the company has encountered series of loss for the past five months due to a sudden depreciation in the country’s economy. This year’s hardship is something else. So for this reason Zack, the company may be unable to pay its workers due to very low profit derived from the business. So as a result of this, instead of owing our workers for months without hope on how to pay them, the General Overseer and CEO gave me a list of workers to dismiss from the company. So sorry Mr. Lucius, Your name was found on that list. . . And as a means of saying we are really sorry, you are a good worker we would hardly choose to loose, the company has attached a Hundred and fifty thousand naira cheque to your dismiss later. I am so sorry Zack”

Looking at the manager vomit these words was my worst nightmare. I was dumb for a second, confused and shocked. My brain was still processing what I just heard with my mind fighting it and making myself to realise that the manager must have planned this expensive joke for me. The look on the managers face was screaming you are fired, he doesn’t look like someone who has planned an expensive joke. If anyone should get fired in this company, it is definitely not me. my role in the company is too important and the fact that I have spent all my money in my wedding keeps ringing in my head.

“Sir, you are joking right? Is this one of the April fool tricks? .. please tell me you are joking because I am no longer finding it funny” I said as drops of tears left my eyes.

“I wish it was a joke Zack. Pls calm down” he said as he tried to pass me a handkerchief.

“You are telling me to calm down, . ..you are telling me to calm down. I spent all my money in my weeding, right now there is noting left. Noting! With good hopes of working in a multimillion dollar Company. I just came back from a honey moon at banana Island, with my account balance dried and sucked up, just to meet a sack letter and you are telling me to CALM DOWN!” I shouted at the manager.

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“You didn’t tell me about this all these while, you allowed me to spend all my money” I Continued.

“I am so sorry Zack about the sudden notification, The information reached me just yesterday” The manager said.

“I understand how you feel Zack, and I am sorry, as a friend I will be giving you extra fifty thousand naira to sort things out, so sorry man, I understand you but screaming and bring down the office won’t solve the problem” The Manager consoled me.

Even with the news before me, I still find it difficult to believe that I was fired. I took the dismissal letter and left the office.

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