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Freshers Night (13)- 9 Months IT

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Freshers Night (13)- 9 Months IT

 Episode 13

9 months IT

“So after the lab test Mrs Okorie, it was confirmed that you are three weeks pregnant” The doctor said to Esther who was sitting in his office as he reached out to pass her the test results enclosed in an envelope.

“We noticed you have not been eating much these past few weeks, that was the reason for the ups and down in your stomach, it is advised you eat more during these period to ensure the good health of the baby, we detected minor threats but after taking these drugs prescribed, everything will be ok” the Doctor continued.

Esther who was still moping at the doctor didn’t utter a word. She was shocked on what she was hearing.

“hello.. hello !.. hello ma, are you ok” The Doctor who noticed that Esther has fallen deep in thoughts asked trying to figure out what was going on in her mind.

“I’m pre..gnant?” she finally asked in a doubtful tune.

“you can check the results yourself ma. It’s a Miracle.

“The Doctor who taught that Esther is married said not knowing that he was even adding salt to the pains.

“with the kind of society we are in today, I like seeing young couples having a baby, in the past few months, the hospital has been flooded with people looking for a way to conceive. And this is not because they can’t naturally have babies, but the fact that they spent their young age jumping from one person to another not realizing that even the slightest STD can directly utter their productive state” the Doctor continued.

The words of the doctor was like a torn in the flesh of Esther, each sentence hunts her, she was gradually getting angry and about to lose it as she dipped her hands into her hand bag, brought out some money and handed it to the doctor, then she rose to leave.

“here is your balance Mrs Okorie” the doctor said.

“Keep the change” Esther said as she tried to open the door and walk out.

“your change is here with me, you can have it now” the Doctor said stretching out to hand the money over to Esther.

“I SAID KEEP THE CHANGE!” Esther blows hot as she slammed the door and left.

With anger and furry, it is without doubt that Esther is up to no good. The girl skipped lectures today to go for a lab test. And since the test ended earlier, it is without doubt that her course mates would still be learning in school. She quickly flew herself to the department. Hopefully, she found Jane and Jane informed her that the lecturer to take them on a course was absent and since that was their last course for the day, Everybody has gone to their various lodges.

“Where is Richard?” Esther asked.

“what’s with that question? I taught Richard doesn’t exist in your dictionary, why the sudden pop up” Jane asked.

“now he exist …….a..nd there he is” Esther who just sighted Richard said as she walks very fast to reach him. She forcefully pulled Richard to an empty class as she started running mouth on him.

“How much is cond0m that you can’t buy when you were planning my rape?” Esther fired.

“What’s the meaning of this Insult Esther” Richard asked with little anger in his voice.

“hum.. heyy.. insult? .. insult!…” she said as she threw the test results at him.

Richard opened the result just to notice that she was confirmed three weeks pregnant. He was dead shocked.

“you are pregnant?” he asked.

“it is boldly written in that result. Do you even happen to know the level of what you have done to me?” Esther blows hot.

“my education, my dreams, my career, my personality, my ego and my pride as a woman will be rubbed on the floor if I happen to keep this baby” Esther continued.

“are you planning to abort it?” Richard asked.

“he!l no!.. I am not aborting it but I don’t want to keep it either” Esther said as she moved up and down in discomfort.

“shuu….I will take full responsibility of the baby, you give birth to the child and I promise not to leave you alone in this no matter what.” Richard replied.

“it’s not about responsibility Richard, it’s about my life trying to be made useless at this very young age.. don’t you get it?” she questioned.

“I understand you Esther, but since what has happened has happened, I think planning the way forward is our best shot at solving this” Richard replied.

“mtchew ……. If and only if you had been more careful” Esther said as she left the classroom. Richard called out to her but she was long gone by the time he came outside.

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