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Freshers Night (E10)- Heartbroken

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Freshers Night (E10)- Heartbroken

 Episodes 10

Heart broken

“Helo, Jane, is that you ?” Esther who has already given herself a swollen eyes picks up the call after she has bluntly refused to answer it for 5 times.

“Hell yes Esther, where did you keep your phone?, you got me worried” Jane responded.

“Jane, can you come over ! ” Esther asked with a shaking voice.

“Is everything OK Babe, why is your voice sounding like you are crying?” Jane questioned.

Sobs .. “He rĂ ped me, he fu¢king rap..ed me” Esther broke into tears again.

“Jesus Christ! …. Calm down babe, i would be right there, do not eat anything, do not go close to the kitchen, wipe your tears dear, they are too precious and he doesn’t deserve them. I will wear my cloths now and in less than 5 minutes, I will be with you OK” Jane tried to console Esther.

“OK” Esther said as she disconnects the call. Jane quickly called Jessica to tell her about Esther,

“Jess, please I need you at Esther’s Lodge now!” Jane said over the phone.

“Any problem, why the urgency?” Jessica asked.

“She’s in pain girl, I think she has been raped” Jane reveals.

“Oh my God! .. Not again!” Jessica Exclaimed.

“She nearly killed herself the last time this happened to her, I fear she may do the worse, that is why I am calling you now so you’d rush down and help me put her together” Jane explained

“OK, I will be right there in a jiffy” Jessica responded as she disconnects the call, picked some of her stuff and rushed down to Esther’s lodge.


Esther has however been a victim of rape. Well, that explains her hard to get nature and difficulty when it comes to trusting the male gender. It all started with her best friend Gideon from secondary school.

Gideon and Esther were very close back in those days. The dark skinned handsome young boy with lots of muscles and fast growing hairs took Esther like a sister, so did Esther take his prince charming as her beloved brother.

Being noticed together and becoming the major topic of relationship in the school, Esther found her first love in her best friend. She loved and trusted him, Gideon was no different because he reciprocated that love perfectly, not until peer pressure sets in.

Gideon became an object of mockery in the eyes of his male friends. They teased him and called him a jerk for having such a pretty girl as a bestie, and yet he hasn’t done anything. The kind of relationship Gideon has with Esther was what most of his friends wanted, but here is Gideon with all that pleasure and still fooling around with it.

“This is SS3 bro, after this term, you won’t see this girl again!. You will be surprised that you might bump into her one day and she will act like she has never seen your face before. You have dated this girl since our SS1 and yet you haven’t done anything… its time to collect your –conjical- right ohh, shine your eyes mek your future bright” one boy called Donald would advice him.

“but she is just my friend, we have not been dating” Gideon would always stand to correct that impression.

“Bestie, bestie, p@nt de shift.. no come de mumu yourself for here, if you no wan do, you fit arrange am for boys nah” Donald continued.

“she told me she is still a virg!n, and I don’t want to do anything to her against her will” Gideon will insist.

“de mumu yourself, folish boy!.. Good Samaritan, don’t say I didn’t warn you” Donald concluded.

Gideon played deaf ears to what his friends were saying, but they kept persuading him till he decided to give it a try.

It was on a Saturday morning, Gideon pleaded with Esther to drop by so they would go for Saturday lessons together. Having told Esther that her coming would be to help him finish up an assignment before the lesson, Esther didn’t think twice about gracing the invitation.

It wasn’t her first time going to Gideon’s house neither is it her second time, it was something she saw as normal because never for once has Gideon tried to abuse her in anyway, the little girl had no idea about the recent development in Gideon’s mind.

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