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Freshers Night (E11)- The Past

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Freshers Night (E11)- The Past

 Episode 11

The past

Gideon happened to be alone in the house with Donald and one other friend of his. When Esther arrived, Donald and the other went to hide in the sitting room leaving Gideon and Esther alone in the room.

Esther brought out the assignment, she was about to start her lectures when Gideon removed his shirts claiming to feel hot.

Before Esther could know what was happening, Gideon’s Trousers were off his legs.

“I will just go inside and change” he said as he rose with his tight p@nt that showcased the curve created by his yam sized m@nhood.

“I can’t find my trouser” he said pretending to look for it. Posing in an erot!c way that would arose Esther’s sexu@l interest.

“I would just wait for you outside” Esther said as she plans to stand. She was already feeling uncomfortable.

“There it is!, you are sitting right on top of it” Gideon replied.

Esther looked sideways to find the trouser but can’t find it, she was about to ask where it was when she turned to meet Gideon’s d!ck pointing right at her face.

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“What are you doing Gideon?” she asked.

Gideon went lower to meet her on the bed. Esther who was trying to resist Gideon while sitting on the bed ended up lying on it. Gideon advanced and gave her a deep k!ss as his chest came in direct contact to Esther’s hard n!pples.

Esther played along till Gideon inserted his yam sized stuff inside her, she screemed in pains.

“pls stop!” she cried. But Gideon was deep in the excitement.

She fought her way through but her tiny hands were no match for Gideon’s dominating muscles. She cried bitterly as Gideon thrust in and out. It was a very painful experience for her. Gideon has an over sized d!ck which ended up tearing the layers of her V walls. It was then that Donald and his friend came to join the party. The three of them brutally r@ped Esther leaving her in pains after the entire experience.

“I trusted you beast!, I can believe you r..aaped me” she cried.

“not just you Gid, you also organized your friends to rape me you bloody bast@rd!” She rained abuses as Donald and the other made their way home.

Gideon tried pleading with her but it was too late, she had to stay with Gideon till her pains relieve, if not, she would have been long gone.

“I hate you, I regret the first day I talked to you” She continued.

“it’s the Devil Esther, I am sorry. I never planned for Donald and co to join in this, I only wanted to try, I was going to let you go if you resist” he explained.

“and when I resisted, what happened?.. you showed me how powerful your arms were as you pinned me to .. that bed and … God will judge you Gid”

“I am sorry I allowed the pleasure take over me” he said.

“you watched Donald and the other idiot play rounds with me and you didn’t do anything.. I took you as a brother, Gid I loved you !! What wrong have I ever done to you to deserve this?” she lamented.

“noting .. I am so sorry Esther” Gideon Apologized. .

“Just Shut UP!.. “ she said.

She spent some time trying to recover from the pains because she could barely walk after the whole experience. Gideon was drowning in Guilt watching her suffer.

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She was lucky they used protection. She went home that day and tried to keep it to herself but over noticing mother saw the way she was walking and started asking questions. She told her mum but immensely pleaded with her not to take the matter to school as she was scared of public humiliation. Her mum flogged her black and blue.. it was after her section of Discipline that she saw reasons with her and told her husband that some bandits raped his daughter.

Knowing what Esther’s dad would do to Gideon and his friends, Esther spent the whole day begging her mum not to tell the father that it was his classmates. She was dead sure that his father will completely shut down the school, but that won’t favor her when the news of her rape comes flying around town. Inorder to protect her image, she had to sacrifice getting justice. But did her mother allow these rapist go scot free?…


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