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Freshers Night (E12)- Surprise

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Freshers Night (E12)- Surprise

Episode 12


It has been three weeks now since after the incident at the freshers Night. In these past three weeks, not a day would pass without Richard begging and crawling for Esther’s forgiveness. For someone who use and dump girls, his friends were left flabbergasted on what love has turned their friend into.

Richard would call, text, and even try to meet Esther after each lectures, but Esther who has graduated with a first class in snubing now acts as if Richard dozen’t exist. She has completely removed him from the list of living things on earth, if Esther was a God, Richard would be long dead.

“I can’t continue to take this anymore!” Richard blows hot at the bar where he was supposed to be having fun with his friends.

“It’s not like I intentionally decided to sleep with her, she forced me into it and now, she is accusing me of rape” Richard fires.

“Calm down Richie ..” Emmanuel said in a soft tune trying to cool the fire rising inside Richard.

“I feel your pains, I also know how you feel but the fact that you raped her is very much correct” Kennedy criticized.

“What nonsense are you saying?” Richard asked.

“If she takes this matter to court today, she is winning it whole heartedly… You slept with a girl in an unconscious state.. She was drunk, that means that she wasn’t conscious of what she was doing. and any act of s£x without the other party agreeing to it is considered rape and that authentically solidifies her case” Kennedy enlightens.

“But she seduc£d me, I never wanted to do it” Richard claims.

“But you did it” Emmanuel replied.

“Well, the way forward now is for you to move on, Esther has moved on and she is happy.. You have to move on too . .” Emmanuel continued.

“How am I supposed to move on if the girl I love is in the same department with me.. I see her everyday. To be sincere, I have never loved any girl in my entire life half the way I love Esther. She is just unique, she is not after my money, not after my cute face neither did she fall for my sweet words, she is real, true and sincere, and God d@mn!, have you tasted her Egwusi soup before!” Richard said as the other two burst out in laughter.

“Now you are telling us what you miss, it’s actually the Egwusi soup you are missing not Esther” Emmanuel teased.

“They don use soup initiate my man ohh” Kennedy teased as they laughed out loud..

“Well,there is always a second chance.. I will advice you give her some space, stop calling and stop texting.. Act like you don’t know her too” Emmanuel suggested.

“Then let her know how sorry you are by throwing her a surprise event” Kennedy concluded.

Esther on the other hand has not been feeling fine lately, she vomits often and always feel dizzy in the morning.

“Have you been taking any maleria drugs at all?” Jessica asked on their way home from lectures.

“I have ohh, my drugs are almost finishing but the symptoms get stronger each day” Esther replied.

“You need to go for a lab test” Jane suggested.

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