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Freshers Night (E14)- What have i done?

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Freshers Night (E14)- What have i done?

Episode 14

What have I done?

“Hey!, Richard, wait” Jane calls out to Richard who was walking as if the whole world has given up on him. Richard heard her but intentionally ignored her. Jane had to run to meet up with him.

“Hey Richie, have you seen Esther?, she just came from nowhere walking like an angry soldier looking for you, before I could close my eyes and open it, she was already speeding to this direction” Jane narrated.

“you have a cell phone right? Why don’t you call her” Richard replied.

“Can’t you save me the airtime and tell me where she went to..” Jane insisted as Richard passed her the test results.

“I know you are like a best friend to her, so I want that information a top secret” Richard warned.

“OMG! She’s Pregnant!” Jane exclaimed.

“Lower your voice.. this is a public place” Richard reminds her.

“God why? ,… This can’t be happening to Esther, did she tell you where she went to?” Jane inquired.

“No, why are you so worried about her whereabouts?” Richard asked.

“the last time Esther was r@ped, she nearly killed herself”

“Jesus Christ! …… What? .. she has been r@ped before?” Richard asked in shock.

“yes, I shouldn’t be telling you this because I promised her I won’t leak the info. But I hope I can trust you in this” Jane inquired.

“yes, definitely” Richard responded.

Esther told Richard everything that happened, he told her how Esther got r@ped by three boys from her class including her so called best friend Gideon. She also told him how Esther got to persuade her mum to lie to the father just to protect her image.

“She was alone one faithful Saturday. I went to visit my cousin who was living very close to them. So I decided to drop by. That was the same Saturday she didn’t attend lessons. That same Saturday was the day she got r@ped.”

“God have mercy!” Richard Exclaimed.

“I decided to visit her since her house was very close to that of my cousin, I also wanted to use that opportunity to know why she was absent from school. I walked in to meet Esther about to hang herself to death”

“Jesus !” Richard Exclaimed.

“she was in tears and also in pains. The fact that she got raped by not just anybody but her very own best friend who she took as a brother shattered her. Not just the fact that the best friend raped her, but the fact that the best friend also called two of his rough friends to join the party made her miserable. I pleaded with her to untie the rope. I couldn’t go closer because she threatened to kick the chair she was standing on off if I make a move. I was scared. It took me almost 30 minutes to talk her out of it. I told her to package herself well and pretend so her parents won’t notice, but Esther’s mum is someone you can’t hide anything from because in one way or the other, she must find out. “

“God! … what have I done?” Richard exclaimed as fear overtook him..

“We have to find her now!, immediately” Richard said as he poped out his phone and dialed Esther’s number, but it was switched off.

They entered a bike and headed straight to Esther’s Apartment. They reached there, good thing her door wasn’t locked.

The went inside to meet Esther lying lifelessly on the cold floor. A bottle of water and a card of used indocide laid on the table.

“Oh My God! She poisoned herself” Jane said as she meet the floor in tears.

“Esther ! , Esther! ..” Richard called out to her but she wasn’t responding to the call.

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