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Freshers Night (E15)- Scared

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Freshers Night (E15)- Scared

 Episode 15


“Wh…a.t . .stop shou..ting in my ear” Esther who just woke from a deep sleep said slogishly.

“You are alive.. Thank you Jesus!” Jane jumped in excitement as she gave Esther a tight hugs.

“Alive?.. Was I dead before?” Esther questioned.

“We walked in only to see the card of indocid and a bottle of water, we taught you might have mistakenly taken it, like poisoned yourself” Richard replied.

“Lol .. Of coz not .. By the way, indocid is a pain killer not a poison, I have used some of it in the past. I was just going through it when I saw that it is not save for pregnant women, I just dropped it and slept off” Esther explained.

“OK, but I taught this same indocid is used for rat poison” Jane inquired.

“Yea, it kills rats not humans, but can be dangerous when the cap is removed before drinking” Esther Explained.

“That’s a relieve” Richard said as he breaths out.

“You guys didn’t tell me you were coming, I would have at least put the room in order” Esther said as she rose to do a little arranging.

“If and only if your phone wasn’t switched off, you would have gotten all the pre-telling you need” Jane replied as the laughed out loud.

“Esther, I want to use this opportunity to apologize for what happened.. I didn’t plan for what has happened to happen.. I am sorry my vulnerabilities allowed myself to take advantage of your unconscious state. I accept the fact that I r@ped you… Though I didnt force you or that kind of thing…” Esther cuts in.

“I believe you.. Maybe I might have done what you said.. Well, that is not the problem now.. The problem here is how do I tell my parents? Esther questioned.

“Hmm.. Whatever you do, your dad should not hear about this Esther.. ” Jane suggested.

“My mum won’t be ready to keep a secret the second time” Esther reminded.

They discussed and made plans on how to deal with it, after which, Richard offered to take his leave. He headed straight to Kennedy’s apartment.

“Guy i am in hot soup” Richard said as he walks in and grabbed a sachet water from Kennedy’s kitchen.

“What is the problem now” Kennedy inquired.

Richard was silent for some seconds..

“Esther is pregnant” he broke the silence.

“What!” Kennedy exclaimed ..

“But how?.. I taught you used a protective on her?” Kennedy asked.

“No bro .. No ..” Richard replied.

“Common Richie, you always have packs of C0nd0m in your wallet, what happened this time” Kennedy asked.

“I removed it all, I didn’t plan to sleep with her at that party so I didn’t come with one.. ” Richard replied..

“God! .. So what are you going to do now?” Kennedy inquired.

“She has no plans of ab0rtion..she wants to keep the baby and I made a promise to her that I will take full responsibility for the child” Richard said to Ken

“That’s good… Hope you are getting ready to be a father” Kennedy teased..

“Omor.. The problem now is, how to tell her parents about it.

“That would be a very tough one for you. Especially if her parents is the aggressive type”

“Yes I know.. .. But actually I am scared of becoming a father” Richard confessed

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