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Freshers night (E16)- Gone

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Freshers night (E16)- Gone

 Episode 16


“Hello Richard” Esther said over the phone.

“Esther, how are you doing?” Richard asked.

“I aborted the baby” Esther dropped a bombshell right on Richard’s ears.

“What?” Richard exclaimed with a strong voice filled with anger.

“I am so sorry Richard, I know I haven’t been a good person to you and I am sincerely sorry for giving you much stress, but this time, I think it’s time to let go” Esther said as she cries over the phone.

“What are you saying Esther, where are you going to. I don’t understand you, please talk to me” Richard said in deep confusion.

“why are you saying all these Esther, what happened” He continued.

“I don’t have to tell you but just know that after this call, I would be breaking off all communication with you and everyone else in the department and I will stop coming to classes. My dad has arranged for someone that will impersonate me to finish off my National Diploma. In as much as I hate you, I still can’t stop thinking about you, but all that has to end because I am about to face another stage in life” Esther Explained.

“What stage are you talking about? .. why will you end communications Esther! .. please don’t do this to me” Richard pleads.

“You have to let go Richie, I want you to know that wherever I am now, I am happy and I have moved on. I want you to do the same. And I hope to see you again someday in the future. Goodbye Richard” Esther Concluded.

“But what actually happened, Did you tell your parents about the stuff as planned?, where are you going to all of a sudden… hello! …Hello… Esther are you still there?” Richard asked but the call was already disconnected. He dialed the number again…

“The number you are trying to call is kindly switched off, please try again later, thank you…”

“NO!” Richard screamed.

He quickly picked some stuff, wore his clothes and rushed down to Esther’s apartment, but someone else was already living there.

“the lady that moved out from here, do you know her?” Richard asked the female occupant.

“No, I was looking for a lodge so she offered to give me her apartment for a low cost because she was going to move the next day. Emm, She gave me this letter and said I should give it to the first person to look for her together with the money for the apartment, she also added an extra hundred and fifty thousand naira to it. You happen to be the first person to come looking for her since yesterday, so I believe it’s all yours” The lady said in a polite way as she handed the money enclosed in an envelope and letter to Richard.

“no no no, I don’t need that, you can keep it, I just need the letter” Richard said as he carefully took the later from the lady’s hand.

“do you have her number or something I can contact her with?” He asked as the lady looked at him in a strange way.

“I have her number, just that this one is no longer going through so I taught she must have changed her sim and maybe you have the number to the new sim.. I just want to thank her, that’s all” Richard explained.

“ok, I don’t have her number shaa, Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even remember to get her contact.” The lady explained.

“Ok, no problem, thanks for your time” Richard said as he was about to leave.

“you said I can keep the money right?” the lady asked.

“yes, sure. ..Enjoy!” Richard replied.

“Thanks, have a nice day” she said

“you too” he replied as the lady slowly closed her door. Richard opened the letter and it reads;

To whoever that is reading this now,

I am so sorry but I have to go.. I love you and I love the memories we had together. The fact that you are reading this means you were the first person to check up on me today and I really appreciate that. Please accept my token of appreciation and I wish you the best in life. Hope to see you again in the future…

Yours lovely,


He closed it and headed straight home. Few hours later, Richard got a call from Jane complaining of not being able to reach Esther. Richard told her everything and Jane was dead shocked that Esther could make that kind of decision without telling her. She got her thing ready for the weekend. She would be zooming off to Esther’s permanent home address first thing on Saturday morning.

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