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Freshers Night (E17)- War in the house

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Freshers Night (E17)- War in the house

Episode 17

War in the house

“There is nothing in this life that will make me get married to him, nothing!. NOT EVEN YOU AND DAD!” Esther blows hot as she makes it known to her Mum that what they have planned for her will never come true.

“Mr. Gabriel is a nice man Esther, I am your mum and I know what is good for you. I won’t just bring anybody to marry you just because he is rich, Gabriel has passed my test of being the best. Just give him a chance and see” Esther’s mum tries to convince Esther to marry the man she and her husband have brought to her.

“Things has not been easy for your dad and I. ever since the economy of the country reduced to its barest minimum, we have actually turned borrowers just to survive and see you and your sibling through school.” She continues.

“Mr Gabriel here has been of good advantage to us. His dad owns one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and this company we are talking about depends on the raw materials your dad import. Mr Gabriel has however turned your dad to a major supplier. He comes around from time to time to chill with us and luckily, he declared intrest in you. And that is why…” Esther cuts in

“why you have decided to get me married to him so you would seal the deal, increase the family’s business in exchange for my happiness” Esther replied mockingly

“It’s not that, nobody is saying you will be unhappy here, Gabriel is a good man… for your happiness, I had to take my time to study this young man to know the kind of person he is.. he is caring, loving and kind. Just give him a shot” Esther’s mum said.

“Mum!.. .that man is like twice my age” Esther alleged.

“is he not better than that young irresponsible boy you ended up getting pregnant for?!!!” Esther’s mum blows hot.

“We are not even talking about your pregnancy now, though good Gabriel has accepted to get married to you even in your pregnant state. You are 22 and he is 32. What is the difference there?.. just incase you don’t know, relationship with people older than you is the best, because they are matured, caring and will always respect you” the Mum concluded.

“I don’t care, I don’t like him period..the man I would marry should be older than me with at least 2 years.. 5 years maximum. There is no way I am marrying that old man mum.. hum…” Esther replied.

“Then you should get ready to go back to the person that got you pregnant because you won’t be having this child in my house. It’s an abomination.. tufiakwa ! … you had a choice before when things were fine, but from the day you called me and told me you were pregnant, I have concluded that you must get married to Gabriel. If Gabriel looses interest in you, no more suitors ohh.. no body wants to marry a girl that got pregnant in the university. You will look like a prostitude to them and that is it for you in life. . your only hope now is Gabriel.. you better run and tie the nuts fast before it’s too late.”


“Don’t mum me.. Gabriel will be coming first thing tomorrow morning to see you. Make sure you look good and dress your best. Also behave well – Agwa ka eji ama ezi nwanyi” the mum summarized as she left the room.

Few moments later, a knock was heard on the door. Esther went to open the door and it was Jane. She let her inside as she served her like a guest. She told her what was going on and how crazy her parents have gone for Gabriel. Jane was shocked that Esther’s violent Dad did noting about the rape just because the so called Gabriel agreed to take Esther as his wife even with the pregnancy.

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