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Freshers Night (E18)- The Guest

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Freshers Night (E18)- The Guest

Episode 18

The Guest

“Esther, please go to the Kitchen and turn that stew for me, be fast with it so you would come and start cutting the cabbage for the salad” Esther’s mum said as a nice aroma of a typical Nigerian tomato stew sweeps the atmosphere.

“it’s boiling mum” Esther replied.

“now you can add the already boiled chicken, add the curry leave and stir, leave the pot half opened” Esther’s mum instructed.


Well, before I continue this story, I have a question. Why is it than Whenever a guest is about to come to the house, you would see your parents cooking and buying things they wont think of doing on a normal day.. like this is mostly seen in almost all African homes. I was shocked when my dad bought a carton of soft drink and ordered non of us to touch it.. saying it’s for visitors who you don’t even know when they would come. Like who does that?? Lol



Esther did exactly as she was told.

“but mum, you would have allowed me to prepare this food” Esther lamented.

“So it would either be too salty or too pepper-ish. I know you can cook just fine but you know that sometimes, if this nut that usually gets loose from your head decides to loose, you will now be faced by adding too much salt or too much pepper. I don’t want to use this food as an experiment, I spent heavily on the ingredients” Esther’s mum replies.


“please go and start cutting that cabbage jaree, children of the modern age, ifuro ka osi dewe aka ya (can”t you see how she kept her hand)” the Mum replied.

Esther assisted her mum to get all the delicacies ready. It was few hours later after Esther must have been done in the kitchen that a knock came to the door.

The guests have arrive. Esther’s dad rushed to open the door. They exchanged pleasantries as Mr Gabriel and his friend were welcomed to sit. They walked in, in exotic attire. The walked straight to the soft sofa and had their ny@sh glued to it.

Esther’s eyes was already popping out as she spys through the window.

“hum… he is more younger and handsome in real life than in the pictures my mum showed me” She taught.

“he dosen’t look that bad, at least if he has all the qualities my mum described, he might be the good person I would want to spend the rest of my life with” Esther taught

“I must not let this opportunity slide just as my mum said… I am going to seize it with everything I have. This young man dressed to kill me with his good looks, well it’s time for me to reciprocate.. I am going to dress to slay” Esther said in her mind as she rushed into her room to find the most attractive dress she had.

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