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Freshers Night (E19)- When hate turns love

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Freshers Night (E19)- When hate turns love

Episode 19

When hate turns love

Mr. Gabriel who happens to be a well built musçular dark hĂŁndsome young man in his early 30s was not looking so bad in real life when compared to the low quality picture Esther’s mum showed her.

Esther dressed in stunning blue gown that brought out the shine in her, her curves were very much visible as she walks into the sitting room flaunting her newly made hair. She contacted a smile from Gabriel’s face and reciprocated it with warm greetings. Her sweet voice and gentility made Gabriel blĂşsh.

“Well, Gabriel, this is my daughter Esther who i have been telling you about. Esther this is Gabriel” Esther’s mum introduced.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Gabriel” Esther said with a warm smile.

“The pleasure is mine dear” Gabriel replied revealing his dĂ©ep sweet voice.

The two smiled at each other, Esther’s parents quickly rose to give the two lovĂŞbirds some quality time alone.

“My wife and i will quickly go to get something in the room. You too can stay here and enjoy yourselves” Esther’s dad said as he walks out with his wife. Gabriel’s friend also optioned to take a stroll around the compound leaving Gabriel and Esther all alone.

“So Esther, I don’t know if your mum told you anything,.. But I have actually been studying you for the past six months or more than, I lovĂ© the way you behave and all that, so I declared interest in you to your parents.. I would have come directly but you were not stuff I gaze.” Gabriel started.

“Wow.. Six months! .. Or more? ..” Esther exclaimed.

“So why didn’t you come sooner, like some guys will tell you they lovĂ© you the moment they set their eyes on you” Esther inquired.

“Well, I don’t happen to fall under that category. I take my time to study a woman to know if she is the perfect choice for me before I make a move” Gabriel answered.

“Humm .. What if after all the time spent, and you found out that she is the perfect one for you.. Then you make a move just to be rejected or told she has a b0yfriend?” Esther questioned.

“I will clean my shoes and move on” Gabriel replied.

“Really!, just like that?” Esther asked.

“What do you want me to do.. Forcing her to lovĂ© me won’t give me the ideal relationship i want neither will snatching her from her b0yfriend do the same.. At this point in time, the best option is to move on.” Gabriel answered.

“That’s nice.. Well i have one more question .. Hope my questions are not bothering you” Esther said with a warm smile.

“Not at all swĂ©etheart, I enjoy answering them” Gabriel revealed.

“What’s your ideal woman? .. Like what are the qualities you would want your girlfriend or wi..fe to have?” Esther Asked.

“Hum .. That question is suspicious lol” Gabriel teased.

“Just an..swer it” Esther replied laughing.

“OK . i would want my future wife to be beautiful, curvy, have a cute smile like yours, can cook very important lol”

Esther smiles “Men and food”

“Who doesn’t like food? Lol .. You know one of the reason i come here always when you are absent is to have a taste of your mum’s delicacy” Gabriel teased.

“Ahh! .. Longer throat” Esther replied as they laughed out loud.

“Her foods are always delicious ..and i hope yours would be as twice as that” Gabriel teased.

“Keep dreaming.. You should ask me if I can slize an onion” Esther teased back as they laughed out loud..

“Back to the ideal woman qualities.. I want to hear everything” Esther draws Gabriel’s attention back.

“Ahh.. This girl, e be like say you be amibo ohh” Gabriel teased..

“You never see anything” Esther teased.

“Well, hardworking should be there, caring, loving, respectful and above all faithful.” He concludes.

“That’s nice.. ”

“Yea.. Now it’s your turn, who is your ideal man?” Gabriel asked.

Esther looked at him and smiled .. Then she started.

” someone loving, caring, and someone that can take care of me” Esther replied.

“Hum.. No physical qualities?” Gabriel asked.

“Physical qualities doesn’t actually matter, sofar your partner has the main things you want from him/her.. Though it’s an addition” Esther replied.

“Yea.. That’s true..i believe you” Gabriel replied

The two l0vebirds were busy chatting while Esther’s mum was busy listening through the door.

“This two looks good together.. Ahh .. What a perfect match” she said as she finally left the door to her room..

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