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Freshers Night (E2)- The Assignment

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Freshers Night (E2)- The Assignment

Episode 2

The Assignment

It was on one Sunday evening, Richard had called Helen to come over to his lodge so he would help her with one of her statistics assignment. Helen who was so desperate to get the assignment done before the next day had no choice than to accept Richards proposal. She made it to Richards lodge at exactly 5:30pm which was the time Richard had specified for her coming.

Good thing, there was light. They went straight to the assignment. Few minutes later, the lights went off. Richard switched on the rechargeable lantern as they continued with the assignment.

Few minutes later, it was as if the gates of hell were opened, the room became hot so Richard had to take off his sh!rt.

The smooth sk!n, muscles, nice firm che$t and a bunch of 6pack$ left Helen in a state of discomfort. She instantly became nervous. Without being told, Richard was already aware that the boss Lady has started falling for him. Richard dropped the assignment and optioned to go for a short break. Little by little, Richard started discussing n@ughty things with Helen. The gist about school automatically went to relat!onship and now heading to sÂŁx chat. The fact that Helen was in the mood was written all over her face. She was already cr@ving for Richard.

Richard being a sharp guy does know how to make a woman wÂŁt down there. He stylishly drew closer to Helen, allowing her to perceive the sÂŁductive body spray he had on him earlier. Helen was already in cl0ud 9 with her heart pounding like a carpenter hitting nail into a dry wood. Richard, from the back, gave her a soft touch on her shoulder as he C@ress’s her down below. With his firm chÂŁst pressing against Helen’s smooth back, Helen was left cr@ving for a ki$$. He tilted her neck and gave her a deep r0mantic ki$s as he pushed her straight to the bÂŁd and gave her hÂŁad.

The light came back immediately. The cold breeze from the standing fan added to the enjoyment. Richard with his t0ngue moving in and out made Helen m0urn like a milking cow. After which, Helen grabbed his di*k and gave him the blow j0b of his life. Then the real game began.

Richard started digging his hole. Soundtracks were heard from east and west. She m0urned so loud.

Richard was rough and hard. But Helen liked it.

After their exercise that night, Helen wanted to go back home but Richard who wanted to get more of the fun had already soaked her cloth in water so she had no other choice than to sleep over. They did it over and over again till morning. Helen wore her clothes and left.

And that is how Richard made lovÂŁ to Helen. Now, something similar is about to happen, but will Esther give in to Richards sweet words? We will find out in later episodes.

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Freshers night - story by okoye c divine

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