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Freshers Night (E20)- Richard or Gabriel

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Freshers Night (E20)- Richard or Gabriel

Episode 20

Richard or Gabriel

Esther and Gabriel started vibing together, the two were cool.. Looking at them, one would admit that these two is a good definition of perfect match. But Esther was disturbed. A part of her keeps reminding her of Richard, another part keeps telling her to leave Richard and face Gabriel.. She was confused so she decided to seek opinion from her mother.

“You two look good together, I could see the way you were laughing and falling all over him the first day he came to see you” Esther’s mum complemented..

“Mum ! .. I wasn’t falling all over him” Esther denies.

“But mum, there is something i want to tell you” Esther continued.

“Go on .. Is it about Gabriel? .. Did he propose? .. I can’t find the ring, where is it?’ Esther’s mum said inquisitively.

“It’s not about him .. Its about Richard mum” Esther reveals.

“And who is this Richard, what about him?”

“The father of my baby” Esther answered

“He loves me and I love him too.. He knows that I am pregnant and he accepted to take responsibility of the child” Esther said with a stammering voice.

“He knew before, but now he doesn’t, you made him think you aborted the baby, or didn’t you call him just as i instructed?” Esther’s mum questioned.

“I did, but somehow I feel guilty about all these. It’s wrong to keep a child away from her father when he is still alive, come to think that the father won’t even know that he has a child out there” Esther said.

“Richard is still a student Esther, I would have forced him to marry you but I will only be pushing you to lifetime suffering. Richard doesn’t have a solid business, neither does he have his own source of income. He is still schooling and feeding off from his parents. He has to finish his Education which may even include his masters before he would be able to settle down. Then it would still take him extra years to find a steady source of income and stand like a man. You going to him would be a burden. So because of this, you have to discharge him..take a good look at Gabriel, he has it all. He is intelligent, well established, handsome and well built. Is that not what you girls are looking for in a man? .. You even vibe with him.. He is an easy going person and someone anybody would be proud to call husband” Esther’s mum adviced.

“It’s just that….”

“Just what?..” Esther’s mum cuts in.

“You have to be quick and get married to him before your stomach starts showing. You need to act fast and now!… I am only doing this for you . don’t worry, you would thank me later.” Esther’s mum added.

“I taught you have a date with Gabriel, go and don’t keep the man waiting” she said as Esther left to her room.

Esther who still doesn’t have a clear mind decided to reveal her true self to Gabriel.

“I will tell him everything, i will tell him about the secondary school r@pe, about Richard and how I got prègnant. If he will be able to look into my eyes and tell me that he would accept me for who i am just as mum said..then so be it.” She said to herself.

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