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Freshers Night (E21)- The date

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Freshers Night (E21)- The date

Episode 21

The date

“Oh my ..!” Gabriel exclaimed to himself on seeing Esther walk into the dating venue. She looked stunning in her jean trouser brought to live with an elegant pink flower top. She joined Gabriel and they spent quality time together.

It was getting a bit dark so Gabriel optioned to take Esther home in his car. It was then that Esther decided to open up.

“Where have you been all my life, like God!” Gabriel exclaimed.

“I swear, I am the luckiest man alive” he continued as he was about to start the car engine.

“Gabriel.. I want to tell you something….” Esther muttered.

“what?.. go on” Gabriel replied as he started the car engine and drove off.

“I am pregnant” Esther drops the bombshell.

On hearing this, Gabriel halts the car. “you are what?..” Gabriel asked.

“But we haven’t done anything, how come?” Gabriel questioned.

“wait!, you don’t know about the pregnancy?” Esther asked.

“What pregnancy?” Gabriel replied.

Esther was shocked. Is Gabriel not the same person the mum said is ready to take her the way she is even with the pregnancy. How come he is acting as if he doesn’t know anything about it..

“What pregnancy Esther” Gabriel repeated but this time, with a loud voice to wake Esther who was in deep taught.

“Just calm down let me explain” Esther replied.

“See, Gabriel. What I am about to share with you now is my past, I know you might stop talking to me after this but I have to say it. I want to tell you the truth. I want to start this relationship with noting but the truth .” Esther said

“Truth?.. Go on” Gabriel replied as he glued his eyes on Esther. Esther took a deep breath and started.

“When I was in the senior secondary school, I used to have a bestfriend . like a male best friend who I take as my own brother but he betrayed me. He r@ped me with two of his friends.. I was only a little innocent girl. I never thought that Gideon would do such to me not to even think of doing it with two other friends of his.” Esther broke into tears.

“It’s OK Esther, is that why you are crying? .. Wipe your tears, he doesn’t deserve them” Gabriel consoled.

“Well, same thing happened in school .. After what I passed through, inorder to protect my image I had to make my mum lie to my dad that it was some road side touts that r@ped me. I know my dad would go after Gideon if he had found out and that would have automatically spread the news of my r@pe.. I was ashamed of myself ” she continued ..

“In school before I came back, I went to this fresher’s night party, and I got raped again. This time, without a protective. I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing. My female friend who was supposed to take care of me left me in the hands of that monster. He got me pregnant. .. But he accepted to take responsibility of the baby but I told him i aborted the child after I withdrew from school.. Now you, actually my mum told me you knew about the pregnancy and decided to take me as i am.. I was just going to tell you so I would hear it from you directly, but it’s OK now. I was lied to by my own mother .. ” she cried.

“It’s OK Esther” Gabriel replied.

“You are a good man Gabriel, and I think you deserve to know the truth”

“Yes I deserve the truth, I can forgive anything but the fact that you are pregnant with another mans child…” Gabriel shook his head and drove off. They didn’t say anything again till he dropped Esther.

Esther went inside in tears. Her mum tried asking what the problem was but she ignored her completely.

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