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Freshers Night (E22)- Deceived

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Freshers Night (E22)- Deceived

 Episode 22


“You have not eaten anything since you came back yesterday evening, what could the problem be?” Esther’s mum asked inquisitively.

“You told me Gabriel was ready to take me with my pregnancy didn’t you?” Esther asked.

“yes I did, is that why you are angry?” she confirmed the question.

“I told him about it yesterday and he acted as if he has not heard about the pregnancy before. You made me look like a fo0l mum, why would you even lie about this to me?” Esther said raising her voice.

“What have you done this naughty girl? .. you went to tell him about that! .. I only said that to you so you would be able to give him a chance, you should have asked questions before going to tell him about such a sensitive issue” Esther’s mum Exclaimed..

“Just listen to yourself mum, this is how you treat your daughter just because she mistakenly got pregn@nt. Sometimes, I feel like running away and never coming back” Esther said as she stood to leave the house.

“I am sorry Esther, i know I have done a terrible thing by lying to you, but everything I am doing is to make sure you get a good life afterwards. This is Nigeria, if you give birth to this child in this house, no man will ever come for your hand in marriage again. You will remain a single mother for life. Is that the kind of future you want for yourself?” Esther’s mum asked.

“No but at least, you shouldn’t have lied to me. you should have seen the look on his face when I told him about it. He is gone mum and he is not coming back” Esther replied as she broke down in tears.

“it’s ok dear, let him go if he wants to, you and your baby is the only thing important right now” Esther’s mum replied. She curdled Esther who was already bathed in a pool of tears. Just few seconds after, Esther’s phone rang. It’s Gabriel calling.

Gabriel apologized for how he reacted on hearing about her condition. He went further to say that he is ready to accept her the way she is.

He invited Esther over for lunch in his house, there he proposed to her and she accepted to get married to him. The two decided that the wedding will take place after the birth of the child Esther was carrying.




“it’s been 5 years since Gabriel Engaged me.. I can’t believe I am finally getting married next week” Esther said to Jane who came to visit her.

“Wow. This is good news ! .. but babe shaa, this guy get mind ohh .. you mean he engaged you for 5 years!, one, two, three, four, five good years! I can’t have that kind of patience ohh, if it’s me, I would have dumped him for someone else.” Jane gave Esther a piece of her mind.

“See you nah, hot cake, First class babe” Esther teased as they laughed out loud.

“it’s not his fault shaa. You know he is the only son…” Esther defended.

“And so?” Jane cuts in.

“wait for me to land nah,” Esther complained.

“sorry ohh, you can land now, madam landcruiser” Jane teased.

“Ehee.. 5 years ago after we got engaged, we agreed to get married after I give birth. It was on the seventh month of my pregn@ncy that he left for Canada. There is this business deal his dad wanted him to handle over there. It was supposed to take just two years but after the second year, he decided to settle in Canada. He has been there working hard for us. He just came back few months ago. He wants to get married to me quickly so we would fly to Canada after the marriage, the visa and every arrangement has been made. By this time next week babe, I would be dancing in another country” Esther bragged.

“wow!, this is very nice, omo God has really blessed you.” Jane replied.

“he definitely has” Esther said with a big smile on her face.

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