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Freshers Night (E23)- Company’s Image

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Freshers Night (E23)- Company’s Image

 Episode 23

Company’s Image

“Gabriel!, I can’t believe you engaged a lady without my consent, how can you come back to Nigeria then, all of a sudden you want to get married within two weeks, I don’t even know the lady in question. Hope you have not fallen into the hands of these gold diggers flooding around Lagos” Gabriel’s Father blows hot.

“Ah dad, but she has been here a couple of times, I remember introducing you to her as my Girlfriend five years ago before I left for Canada. All I want to do now is to pay her bride price, do the white wedding and fly off with her to Canada before the end of this month. You mentioned that our newly built branch in Canada needs a capable manager that would see to the growth of the company. I want to fasten up the marriage process so I won’t keep the family business waiting” Gabriel explained in British accent.

“Who is this young lady in question? I hope it’s not what I am thinking” Gabriel’s father questioned.

“It’s Esther Dad, the daughter of ….”

Gabriel’s Dad cuts in “That marriage is not happening!” He declares with great authority in his voice.

“Da…d!, why? .. What’s the meaning of that” Gabriel asked.

“We still have a lot of girls in Lagos son, go out there and find a decent girl, my first son and only child won’t get married to a prost!tute that got herself pregnant in the university” Gabriel’s Dad drops bombshell.

“God! Dad, who told you that?” Gabriel asked with a look of disgust on his face.

“It’s no longer news son, it’s all over town”

“I don’t know where you get your information from but it’s absolutely wrong. She was r@ped. It’s not as if she intentionally got pregnant. She would have ab0rted the pregn@ncy if she was a prost!tude as you claimed, but she didn’t simply because she still has her humanity intact” Gabriel defended.

“I don’t care if she was r@ped or not. What I am saying is, for the fact that she gave birth to a child under her parent’s roof, you are not going to get yourself involved with her.” Gabriel’s father hits hard.

“Last I checked dad, I still have the right to marry who ever I please and you are not going to stop me” Gabriel reminded.

“She is a bad image to the family and a threat to the company. This is Nigeria son and not the united states, once the press gets hold of this ugly story of hers, the company’s image is ruined” Gabriel’s Father reveals.

“Nigerians would be able to understand that she was an innocent girl who got r@ped by the monsters this evil society breeds” Gabriel lamented.

“And what if they don’t?” Gabriel’s father asked. Gabriel was silent for some seconds, then he responded.

“The would, they should, they have to”

“Well, I don’t want to risk a company I spent 25 years building just to find out how Nigerians would react to your little love story, go out there and get someone decent!” Gabriel’s dad said raising his voice on his son.

“but I love Esther dad, she is a good girl, she’s decent, hardworking and a lady every man would love to call wife” Gabriel replied.

“I FORBID THAT MARRIAGE! .. it’s either Esther or the company” Gabriel’s dad declares.

“Common dad, you can’t make me choose now, you know the efforts I put in this company since I was a child. You can’t possibly will the company to someone else even if I choose Esther over it” Gabriel replied.

“watch me and see” Gabriel’s dad threatened as he left to his room.

Gabriel was enraged, “This is not fair Dad!” He screamed on top of his voice.

Accepting Esther with her baby was a tough decision for him, deep down, he knew that something like this would surface. His father has managed to maintain a good level of decency and discipline in business and that was a major aspect of him investors like, this has however skyrocketed the business to greater heights. Since Gabriel’s father has worked so hard to maintain what he described as an attraction to foreign and local investors, he has every right to forbid anything that would want to alter that attraction. But will Gabriel see reason to this and stand with his father, or will he sacrifice the company just to be with the one he loves ? .. let’s find out in the next episode.

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