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Freshers Night (E24)- Why do bad things happen to good people

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Freshers Night (E24)- Why do bad things happen to good people

 Episode 24

Why do bad things happen to good people

Still battling with his thoughts, Gabriel found himself in a pool of confusion. It’s either he takes up what rightfully belongs to him which is his inheritance as the future owner of the legacy his father has worked so hard to build, or risk it all just to be with the one he loves. A typical Nigerian man would go for the property without thinking twice, a Canadian on the other hand would rather chose love to money. Since Gabriel happened to be a Nigerian who has lived in Canada. This decision would be a very though one for him, should he use the Canadian principle or should he just do it the Nigerian way?..

“Guy, what do you think about this, my Dad has sworn never to let that marriage happen, but I truly love Esther. She is a good girl and all that” Gabriel complains to his friend whom he visited to get some peace of mind since his Dad was already turning the house to a living hell.

“Omor, this one pass normal ohh, you mean your dad is making you choose between Esther and the Company?” Jude asked.

“Exactly man, this sh!t is getting me all crazy man, how can he do that? After everything I’ve done for that company, he wants to disown me just because I wanna get married to the woman of my dreams” Gabriel blows hot.

“hum…. have you told Esther about this?” Jude asked.

“ how can i?, that girl has been waiting for me for like 5 years. 5 good years, I can’t just walk out of the blue and tell her it’s over. She would be heartbroken, shattered and emotionally damaged. That Girl has suffered a lot of relationship failure in the past just because of the monsters this country breeds. The people she trust ends up taking advantage of her. I feel sorry for her bro.. I can’t do that sh!t to her” Gabriel confirmed.

“What do you plan to do now, you can’t lose the company” Jude reminded.

“Esther is a beautiful girl, she would get someone else after this, it’s not as if you are her one and only. If you chose Esther now and loose the company, you will end up being broke. And Esther’s parents are not doing well financially to give you a boost, to what gain is it if you get married to Esther and find it difficult to feed your family, while you have a multibillion naira company willed to someone else. Something that is supposed to be yours. If you love Esther, I would advise you go for the company, send her some money after that. She will be bittered but later, she is still going to move on” Jude adviced.

“but I love Esther man” Gabriel cries out

“sometimes, what we want don’t come exactly how we want them.. there are still millions of good girls in Lagos” Jude optioned.

“I am just telling you my opinion though, the decision is yours” Jude continued.

Gabriel contemplated what Jude have said, it made sense to some extent, well it’s still his decision to make. He quickly popped out his phone ready to dial Esther’s number but before he could move to his contact list, a call came in. it was Esther calling.

“hey, my husband to be, boo and heartcode. I just dropped by your house but you dad told me you were not at home” Esther said over the phone.

“my dad!, did he say anything to you?” Gabriel asked

“ , but he was looking a bit grumpy . . is everything alright?” Esther questioned.

“It’s fine, maybe it’s just stress, he is a busy man you know” Gabriel defended.

“ok, where are you?” Esther questioned

“I am at Jude’s” Gabriel replied.

“ok , I would be right there in a jiffy, I just want you to help me choose the perfect wedding gown, there are so many, I can’t land a choice” Esther said.

“O…k” Gabriel replied with a breaking voice.

“Expect me in few seconds” Esther replied.

“wait Esther, I want to tell you something” before Gabriel could finish the sentence, the call was already disconnected.

“don’t worry bro, it’s better you tell her face to face than breakup with her over the phone” Jude suggested.

Gabriel needs a dozen of adrenaline to be able to look Esther in the face and spit such words.. but as he was thinking and practicing, a knock was heard on the door.

He opened the door to meet Esther. She walked in trying to get Gabriel engaged in her phone as she swipes through lots of well made wedding dresses.

“It’s over Esther” he dropped the bombshell.

Esther thought he was joking till he took time to explain to her that he was no longer interested in the relationship. He made her know that he would be calling the marriage off.

Esther was shocked. It was as if the whole world has given up on her. She begged Gabriel not to dump her .

“After 5 years Gabriel, you made me wait invain. Please don’t do this to me, I would end my life if you leave me” Esther threatened.

She was crying as if her only hope in life has been snatched away. When she saw that Gabriel wasen’t going to honor her request, she ran out in tears, not thinking. She got to lagos Third mainland bridge which was close to Jude’s apartment and jumped into the lagoon.

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