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Freshers Night (E25)- sad death of Esther

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Freshers Night (E25)- sad death of Esther

Episode 25

Sad death of Esther

“News Flash- Reports reaching us right now is that there has been a suicide attempt in the Lagos 3rd mainland bridge, A lady was spotted few seconds ago jumping right into the deep cold Lagoon. Rushing to the scene, we were not able to spot the exact spot she dived into, some divers are on a rescue mission but the young lady is still missing deep down the cold lagoon.. we are Live at the scene, futher investigations are ongoing as we….” Gabriel disconnected the news channel as he manages to switch to a football channel.

“wait.. wait… wait guy!, . go back to the news channel, I think they are saying something about the 3rd mainland bridge” Jude instructed.

“All these suicide victims. How on earth will a normal person even think of sucide in the first place?” Gabriel said as he switched back to the news channel.

“From series of eye witness, People living close to the area has identified the suicide victim to be Esther Okeke, The daughter of Mr. Johnson Okeke, who was allegedly said to be getting married to the son of Joseph Peters, in the person of Mr Gabriel Peters, The future CEO of LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE” The lady in the news revealed.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Gabriel exclaimed as he rushed out of Jude’s apartment to the suicide scene. Jude followed him immediately.

“We have sighted Mr Gabriel rushing down to the crime scene, while some expert divers are still in the lagoon in search of the suicide victim, we would rush to have a quick interview with Gabriel” Lady from the media television channel said.

Gabriel’s phone sitting comfortably at Jude’s apartment was under serious calling attack as it rings repeatedly to the speaking television.

Gabriel’s Dad, Mr Joseph was having a peaceful sleep in his bedroom when a call attack struck his phone. It was his supposed future inlaws calling.

He picked up the call to hear Mrs. Okeke’s violent voice.

“What have you people done to my daughter, why is her picture all over the television?.. she left the house happily to your place, now they are calling her suicide victim” Esther’s Mum blows hot.

“What are you talking about ma?” Mr Joseph Peters said as he turns on the television.

“Oh my God!” He exclaimed.

Right on the crime scene, The was still no report about Esther, divers are already tired of searching for her as she was no where to be found.

“She is dead” one of them said.

“her body would float if she is dead, she is still somewhere under the water battling with her breath” Gabriel said as he climbs the cliff about to jump.

Media personalities were seen all over. Some skilled rescure team rushed to the scene to save the day. They jumped in with Mr. Gabriel. They searched and searched and searched. But the beauty was gone. Her body wasn’t found neither was she confirmed dead.

“it would take hours or even days for her body to float or maybe there is something holding her down in the water. It’s three hours already, she wouldn’t survive underwater that long” One of the skilled divers said.

“But what on earth would make a lady about to marry to a wealthy family commit sucide?” the other said to Gabriel’s hearing. Gabriel pretended as if he didn’t hear them and swim out of the water.

“NOOOOOO!” He screamed.

“The divers from the search are not giving us positive response, this is a very sad news happening live at the Lagos third mainland bridge, The supposed to be wife of Mr Gabriel of LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE committed suicide when her wedding to the next CEO of the over popular Multibillion dollar company is just around the corner. Sources revealed it was scheduled to happen next week. Please note that news about the wedding is not yet confirmed as we are yet to receive confirmation from the Peters family. But if this beauty was supposed to get married to the son of a billionaire in two weeks time, what would make her want to commit suicide?. As we are still digging dip to unravel the Mystery, we will keep you posted, stay glued to Divplanet media.. .” The news lady on Tv said as the news went off.

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