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Freshers Night (E26)- The Queen Resurrects

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Freshers Night (E26)- The Queen Resurrects

 Episode 26

The Queen resurrects

“….It’s been two days now and not a positive word about the sucide victim have reached our ears. It’s a sad news that what ….” The fainting sounds from the Gigantic speakers sweeps the atmosphere. a lady dressed in elegant white gown blinks her eyes like someone who has been in coma for ages. everywhere looked blurry. she blinked again to get a good view of the well decorated room and soft bed she is lying on.

faint sounds were heard in the background “She is awake!” a lady in the living room who was closely monitoring her through the transparent wall said as she rushed to the room where the beauty laid.

“Hello! … how are you doing Mrs. ?” she asked.

“Where am i?, and who are you?” Esther asked “is this Heaven?.. Oh my God! i made it. you are an angel right?” She asked inquisitively on seing the white dress she wore. the entire room was painted in white and a little gold decor was attached. the transparent glass demacations that took the position of walls and the ladies infront of her dressed in corporate white made her think she has gone to her dream place of eternal rest.

“Yes dear … This is haven” The lady said as she made a gesture that made her look more like an angel.

“you are safe now!, free from the world” the second lady said.

“But I comited suicide, how am i in heaven” Esther who knows the biblical implications of what she has done asked, hoping not to see Satan coming to take her away.

“This is a safe haven dear, not the other christain heaven. You are not dead. Someone saved your life when you jumped into the lagoon and brought you here. The first lady revealed.

“This person that saved me, who is she?” Esther questioned.

“We are not allowed to share such information ma. The person that save you would be back in few days. For the mean time, make yourself comfortable and make sure you tell me if you need anything” the lady instructed.

“We are happy to have you back Mrs. Esther, the three ladies you see in front of you which includes me is here to make sure you get what you want without stress. Your personal doctor would be here soon to complete your medications. She continued.

“OK.. Thank you ..” She replied kindly as she tilts her neck to see what the television has to present.

“Oh my God! Why is my picture on national television?” Esther exclaimed.

“It’s been two days now since the day you tried to comit suicide, divers are all over the crime scene in search of your body. They all think you are dead .. ” the lady answered.

“Why is Gabriel’s picture showing also?” Esther inquired.

“The buzz flooding all over media channels and news headlines is pointing at Gabriel to explain why you comited suicide, claiming he has a hand in it. Well, that assumption is not classified because the news of your marriage with Gabriel is still shaking. Common question people ask is why a lady who is about to marry to a rich family commit suicide?” The lady explained ..

Esther was glued at the TV in shock.


“Dad, there is no way I am going to do it, NO WAY!” Gabriel exclaimed as he refused his dad’s direct instruction.

“We’ve lost over 10 million naira in the last 48 hours by investors withdrawing all their shares from the company and quitting just because of the way people are dragging you up and down on social media, blog headlines and TV channels. The business is going to run down completely if this error continues to trend!” Gabriel’s dad blows hot.

“Is this what it’s about for you dad? Huh! .. Business, company, business.. That is the sh!t i keep hearing in this house. You made me send an innocent girl to her early grave, like that wasn’t enough to protect your company, you are now telling me to go live on World Television to say that the marriage news about Esther and I is fake. Like dad, do you even have a conscience !?” Gabriel said angrily.

“I only told you to call off the marriage, I didn’t tell you to make her commit suicide” Gabriel’s dad defended.

“That innocent girl has been taken advantage of several times! Do you even know how she felt the moment I opened my mouth to tell her it’s over” Gabriel blows hot as he breaks down in tears.

“I understand you son.. She is dead and we have to keep living. This is a cheque of 25 million naira. Send it to her parents, explain to them why you need to make the announcement, then do what is right for the me, her parents will understand, even Esther herself, where ever she is now would understand” Mr Joseph said as he pets his son the way a father should pet his son..

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