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Freshers Night (E27)- The reunion

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Freshers Night (E27)- The reunion

Episode 27

The Reunion

“How can you be telling me that you want to deny my daughter on national TV, what nonsense are you saying?” Esther’s Mum blows hot as she storms off the sitting room, got her phone and came back.

“First, you kil!ed my daughter because she came to see you three days ago, you now played your game to make it look like a suicíde. You think I don’t know right? . Mpa Esther, Agwaram gi agwa na ndia bu ndi ogwu ego. These people are ritu@list!. They have used my daughter for blood money, but one thing is for sure, I will not rest until I make sure you all rot in jail, Just take a look at the family i was fighting too hard to get my daughter married off to. Ewooo! .. I should have listened to her then when she said she wasn’t interested.” Esther’s mum continued to rain abuses and blame on herself.

“Nwanyi bu tuo obi, calm down!. Lets hear everything the young man has to say” Esther’s dad commanded.

“This is a cheque of 30 million naira sir, my Dad and I sympathize with you over the loss of your daughter, but as you can see what the media is saying. They are making it look like we killed your daughter and that will have a very negative impact to the business. Sincerely speaking, we have no hands in the death of Esther. When she came that evening trying to show me the wedding dress she has selected … I …” Gabriel paused.

“you did what? ..” Esther’s mum cuts in.

“She cried to me, she wanted the marriage off. She told me that she was forced into this relationship just because her dad wanted to streghten his relationship with us. She told me to call off the marriage, she begged me but I refused. I loved Esther with everything I have. I told her I was going to marry her but she threatened to kill herself if I don’t call of the marriage. I taught she was joking. I was shocked the moment I heard about her death. I rushed to the bridge and jumped into the lagoon with my little knowledge of swimming. I sacrificed my life at the bridge that day to look for her. Esther is a lady I have always dreamed to marry. If I had known this would happen, I would have done every possible thing to make sure she is happy even if it means calling off the marriage just as she demanded” Gabriel lied as he breaks down in crocodile tears.

“Humm.. ohh !! Esther that has been so excited about marrying you, is now the person you said that was begging you to call off the marriage” Esther’s mum asked suspicious.

“She was only pretending, she had to keep up with the act so it would look as if I am the one that called off the marriage. She said that her family is all she has, and that if she calls of the marriage herself, you will all turn against her.. “ Gabriel defended in tears.

Esther’s dad clears his throat, then he started; “it’s ok son, we have heard you, I apologize for what my daughter made you pass through. after much consideration, I have decided to give you the go ahead to do whatever you want to do as my family and I accept this 30 million naira with a grateful …”

“grateful rikwa nsi!” Esther’s mum cuts in

“Take your money and go to he!l, get my daughter back, you have used her for money ritĂşals, now you want to give us 5% of the money she made you guys just to shut us up. It is not going to work, try and make that broadcast, me too will go on national tv to tell the world that you people are noting but rituâlist. Since you think you are the only one that knows how to go to national tv, I will prove to you that I still have that kind of power” Esther’s mum blows hot as she snatched the cheque from her husband’s hands and tore it into tiny pieces.

Gabriel was enraged, the fact that Esther’s mum is not buying his lies despite how convincing he made them troubled him.. He quickly got up and stormed off the house.

Esther’s mum was furious, she was ready to do anything to make sure her daughter gets the justice she deserved. Not so long after Gabriel left, a knock was heard. Esther’s mum quickly grabbed a pestle from the kitchen thinking Gabriel has come back to say another rubbish.. She opened the door to meet a stranger.

“Easy ma” a vibrant young man said as he trys to douge the raised pestle in the hands of the angry mother.

“Who are you and what do you want” Esther’s mum questioned.

“My name is Richard ma, and i am here to tell you that Esther is alive and safe” The young man revealed

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