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Freshers Night (E28)- The Reunion 2

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Freshers Night (E28)- The Reunion 2


The Reunion 2

A young man dressed in cooperate white and black suit walks into the safe haven slowly.

“This your boss, it’s been weeks now and I haven’t seen him, who on earth could he be?” Esther asked one of the ladies taking care of her.

“he said I should let you know that your request to let your parents know about your survival has been granted. He will reveal himself when the time is due, he is quite a very busy man you know.” The lady replied.

“Just tell him I am grateful for everything, saving me and taking care of me in his own house. Doing everything humanly possible to make sure all my needs and request are met, like who one earth would do such a thing?” Esther questioned.

“Someone who promised not to see you get hurt” A deep voice replied from behind

Esther looked to see who it was only to meet the greatest shock of her life “Richard??” She exclaimed with a doubt look on her face.

“Who else will it be silly, of coz it’s me” Richard replied

“Oh my Go…d!, I can’t believe this!” Esther said as she ran toward Richard and gave him a big –long time no see- hug

“I know you are excited and all that, b..ut .. I ca..nt” Richard managed to speak drawing himself from Esther’s tight hug.

“you brat.. , it’s been you all these while” Esther replied.

Richard chuckles

“looks like someone is all rich and successful now” Esther teased.

“Ah! Common, I was never poor, you were a bit richer than me then, that’s why you didn’t feel my money” Richard bragged.

“taa, poor church rat like you, you think I didn’t see you hide the soaked garri whenever I visit” Esther burst Richard’s brains.

“Oh my G..od! you noticed .. ah! .. who says rich people don’t soak Garri?” Richard tried to cover up as they laughed out loud.

“I am so happy to see you Richard” Esther confessed.

“yea, me too. Someone decided to drop by and say hello” Richard said as Esther’s Parents and her 5years old daughter walked into the room.

“Mummy!” The little Girl screamed in excitement as she ran towards Esther.

“My one and only Ella” Esther said as she spread her hands to receive the warm hug from her daughter.

“I missed you mummy, where have you been? My new daddy said a lot about you ” the little girl named Emmanuella (Ella for Short) asked.

“I just decided to spend some time with your new dad, hope you like him?” Esther asked

“yes mummy, he bought me a teddy bear” Ella replied.

It was a lovely moment, Esther reuniting with her family after the whole drama that happened few weeks ago, one thing was sure though, Esther’s mum wanted to cut off her neck for even planning to kill her self in the first place. It was after the house warming and reunion party that Esther had some lone time with Richard.

“So, I was driving very close to Lagos 3rd mainland bridge when I saw a beautiful lady in tears, running hopelessly. She looked heartbroken. I was on a high speed when she ran past my car, I came to a halt immediately to know what could make a lady shed tears and run like the world has given up on her, immediately I stopped the car to look through the side mirrow, I saw this lady dive into the Lagoon. I quickly rushed and made a jump too. She was still struggling with the water when I jumped in, by the time I could get her out of the water, she was already unconscious. I took a public transport and brought her here to the safe haven so my private doctors would revive her” Gabriel Explained.

“Special thanks to this man that saved the day, I really appreciate” Esther replied to the lovely story.

“What would make a beautiful lady like you want to commit suicide?” Richard questioned.

Esther took a deep breath.

“Gabriel canceled the marriage, I was going to meet him so he would help me choose the best wedding gown, I met him just to hear him say the words. I was pained, heartbroken and shattered. I wasen’t thinking straight. I needed the fastest way to escape that feeling. When I saw the lagoon, the only thing my mind could whisper was “jump in” … your car almost hit me but I didn’t care.” Esther replied trying to fight her tears.

“He denied me on National TV…” Esther broke into tears

“He dosen’t deserve your tears you know” Richard said as he tried to wipe those tears away.

“well, this Gabriel of a guy has been on my neck for some time though. Being a successful newbie in the media and advertisement industry has not been an easy one. I was still struggling till one company I worked with got my company to fame. Then, LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE being my role model tried to steal the shine, this company went behind my back to tell my investors and prospective clients bad things about the company. They badmouthed my company to the extent that all my investors and shareholders withdrew to join them. The fact that my company has no owner was their main point of wash. “

“Ah!, you don’t mean it” Esther responded in shock.

“Currently, the company just as the press described is a company run by ghost, this is because I have not yet come out as the owner. I am scared these desperate companies would want to get me out of the way if I try such” Gabriel revealed.

“seriously, I have been hearing about this company of yours. The one small advertising agency that came out last two years and skyrocketed to the top, people described your services as top notch. You have the minds of top brands. But there is one thing lacking which is a major point of trust and relationship. You need to present an owner” Esther replied.

“Gabriel hurt me when he decided to call off the marriage just to protect his family ego, I never wanted this marriage, he came for it, made me fall in love and think he can just call off a marriage just like that days before the wedding and traditional marriage. i will make sure I bring his business down, I will make sure I do everything in my power to make him pay” Esther replied.

“we could leave all these and walk away, leave Gabriel, continue with my company ..”

Esther cuts in “No, I didn’t survive a sucide attempt for a peace keeping mission. Even when I’m dead, this boy I think loves me had the guts to deny me on national TV without remourse.. LETS MAKE THIS EVIL FAMILY PAY!” Esther replied.

“That’s my Girl” Richard said as he makes what most Nigerians would describe as wicked smile.

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