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Freshers Night (E29)- Nightmare

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Freshers Night (E29)- Nightmare

 Episode 29


“It’s raining fire online!, the buzz, headlines and trending, controversy sets in as RICHIE ADVERTISING AGENCY is set to present an Owner.. Who could it be?

As mixed reactions rise online, we will keep you updated with the latest gist, don’t go anywhere, this is Divplanet media serving you hot news as breakfast. We will be back after this very short commercial” Lady from a news television channel reported.

“What is this?” Gabriel’s Father, Mr. Joseph Peters asked with a look of disgust on his face, he looked troubled as he moved from one point to another.

“This company won’t stop trying to outshine us, would they?.. after everything I did to bring them down” Mr. Joseph Peters lamented.

“Dad, this Richie Agency is trending all over social media, news, blogs and even TV Channel. The last time we trended like this was like ages!” Gabriel said with a look of mockery.

“Will you shut up and let me think” Gabriel’s dad blows hot over his son’s irresponsible speech about the new bug ready to swallow the family’s business.

Just then, Mr. Joseph Peters got a call on his phone. It was one of his shareholders.

“Senator! Senator, how are you doing Senator Williams?” Mr. Peters asked.

“I am fine my CEO. How is the company going?” he asked.

“We are fine Senator, this one you remembered to call me today, hope all is well” Mr. Peters replied.

“You are not supposed to be fine ohh! .. I don’t think all is well. Have you seen this Richie agent.. Ah! .. Agency. , With the way everybody is talking about them, we might lose some clients this upcoming month” The Senator said.

“You have noting to worry about senator, we have everything all planned out” Mr. Peters replied.

“Ehee!, I trust you now, you know I have this seven story building I want to complete in Abuja before the year runs out, and there is noting else I need now if not money. The way I am looking at this upcoming month, I was thinking of going to join this Richie people because it looks like they will have all the clients once they present a new owner. The last thing I want now is loss, you know how we do this business nah, we give you money to maintain your business as investment, when you get enough clients you pay us back with the fixed percentage. If clients won’t be coming this month, that means no percentage, and you know I desperately need money for my ongoing project, but since you said you have it all planned out. Let’s see how it goes” The senator replied.

“AH!, you have noting to worry about sir, we are not losing any client this month, as I said, we have it all planned out” Mr. Peters replied.

“OK, my able CEO.. Since you have said this, I believe you..” the Senator responded as the exchanged goodbyes and he ended the call.

“this is the fifth call I am getting from a shareholder this morning because of this stupid Richie company” Mr. Peters said angrily.

“But dad, I remember when this Richie Advertisement agency came to us for help, what if we decide to be in good terms with them, like friends, give them our support and all that, people would think the company grew from us and that means more credits to us. We wouldn’t lose any client if they see Richie Advertising Agency as a smaller version of Lead the Wave Empire” Gabriel optioned.

“That is a sensible talk son, but taking them as our own will also expose them to five other countries we have our branch on which includes Canada. If foreign bidders know about them, we might end up sharing our clients with them” Gabriel’s dad explained.

“They are trending in Nigeria, and they are on international websites and news channels. It won’t take long for brands to notice them over there” Richard optioned.

“It takes more than just news channels and blogs to build a credible international reputation. Something I spent millions and years trying to achieve. Making them our own will automatically transfer our reputation to them for free. I don’t think I am ready to do that.” Mr. Peters concluded.


“Welcome back!, we are streaming live from the National press conference in Lagos, in few minutes, the long anticipated Owner and CEO of Richie Advertising Agency will be Joining us. Keep your questions coming in on our social media handles, we will have our press throw the questions on the would be CEO. While we wait for the conference to start, let’s hear what some journalists around have to say about this” The TV reporter said

“And here they are again!” Mr. Peters said as he took a glass of water.

“My name is Richard, you all know me before now as a messenger and representative of this great company. Well, I am not just a messenger, with a heart filled with joy, i am happy to announce today that I am the founder and owner of Richie Advertisement Agency” Richard drops the bombshell.

Mr. Peters mouth was wide open, Gabriel couldn’t believe his eyes either. They both didn’t show Richard the best version of themselves so they were shocked that someone they considered nobody would actually turn out to be the leader of the competition they are currently facing.

“having said too much about myself, there is someone I want you all to meet” Gabriel said as a beautiful lady on white hat walks to the stage.

“This is Esther, my wife to be” Richard said with a smile on his face.

On seeing Esther life on National TV. Gabriel’s father was shocked. The glass of water he was holding in his hands left him to meet a dangerous collision with the floor.

Gabriel almost vomited the pizza he was eating after seeing Esther, his lost love on National Tv. You should see the faces of these two.

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